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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 19, 2013 13:31 Flag

    Excuse me;;

    I dont think you undertsand my point Andy. What did Dalglish leave behind after his first stint? Not a lot. An aging squad that with some rather odd new faces from memory and no clear direction of where we were going and what we were going to do to get there. I also look at Moores as he had to be instrumental in not getting the club up to speed with the new media age etc. It has absoutely nothing to do with the silverware that Kenny brought in. I remember those days and they were truly fantastic, but there was nothing to follow on. Surprise surprise the next 20 years are relatively empty as we jumped from manager to manager , each doing their own things in their won way. There was no legacy.

    Shankly put a team, a methodology, an idea in place and made sure Bob was there to follow. Likewise he did with Fagan. Dalglish followed that again except there was no one to follow, the plan had gone.

    All I'm saying with Rodgers is that he and FSG are doing good things behind the scenes. The youth and junior sides are all pointing towards the first team. It's all about everybody doing the same things, the same way, from top to bottom. If Rodgers has to go then fine but don't destroy what he's started because I think there's good in it. Get someone who will follow that same plan and take it forward but still put in place measures that mean you have succession.

    Question his methods, results and everything else but please look beyond all of that and look what he's trying to do at the club. We need to catch up and the only way of doing that is building for long term success. That means you need to be thinking long term and doing things for tomorrow as well as today. I find it interesting how City have fizzled out this year. The basics of the plan are spot on in my opinion.
    1. Good possession based and attacking football
    2. Everything at the club is aligned in the same direction
    3. A transfer policy that makes sense at long last.
    4. A club that is finally shaking off Hicks & Gillette and getting the finances under control

    Without succession you only have short term. Personally I'd prefer to have it a whole lot longer than that. As I said Rodgers may go but don't undo what has started by going off in some completely new direction. You end up nowhere as we Liverpool fans should know better than anyone