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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Mar 17, 2013 00:04 Flag

    Bad day at the office

    I wonder how long Rodgers has at LFC.. we're a laughing stock..it's 1 step forward 3 steps back.. Southampton should've been an easy win after the Spurs game..

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    • Armchair...sorry mate good to have u back on the board but truth is we were played off the park today by a superb performance from a very good side. Id read theyd been playing some good stuff but just hadnt been getting their just reward as the breaks had gone against them. EvenSAF said they were the best side hed seen at their place this season and compliments are few and far between from that man. With u though on the BR thing the man has made more howlers again in his starting selection ..seemed like rotation for the sake of rotation to me BUT if he starts that numpty Joe Allen again this season then I think FSG should hand him his cards immediately...if not before !

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      • It was a disgraceful performance in my book. My last 7 / 8 days had been excellent up till then. We beat Spurs with a performance that centered a lot on effort. Barca then showed everyone how it's done with a performance that was again built on a huge amount of effort and intensity. I then saw Wales repeat the same thing and demolished England in the 6 Nations rugby. Truly fantastic performance where everyone gave 100% and more.

        Then I saw Liverpool...........................
        No effort, didn't press the ball, looked like they had a heavy night beforehand and quite honestly looked like they didn't want to be there.

        Gerrard was awful in a non existent midfield. I do not blame Allen for it all, Gerrard was honestly pants and needs a kick up the whatsits. Glen Johnson looked like he was playing in high heels, Skrtel and Agger were all over the place and the forward line might as well have stayed at home.

        I felt terrible for those that traveled down there to witness was quite honestly the most disgraceful Liverpool performance I have ever seen. Not fit to wear the shirt. I am still fuming. Yet another opportunity missed.

        Quite honestly if I were Rodgers I would give them a beasting like no other in training followed by a session down the academy where these so called top pros would be made to clean the boots of players that want to put some effort in. They can then go and clean Anfield and Melwood before some kind of video session that included Saturdays game and a reminder of what it means to wear that red shirt.

        Can you tell I'm effin fuming? This rant is NOT over

      • I don't think BR's tactics are the issue here, it's his team selection that is the issue..
        Hopefully we'll have another clearout in the summer and bring in players who can play the system Rodgers wants.. rotation is fine if you've like for like players that you rotate between.. Thats our problem we don't have those players of equal quality, that can be swapped with.. and it not have any effect on our style.