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  • colin colin Mar 17, 2013 23:36 Flag

    Bad day at the office

    Colyn...as u say we as a team just didnt turn up to play. Sometimes if u playing and on u team u have one maybe two guys just massively off form u can ,dependent on how well u opposition playing carry them and get a result but if u have three guys having a bad day imo and experience its unlikely u going to get a result that day. However when somehow half the team just hasnt shown up to play u know all u can hope for is some damage limitation. Unfortunately that was the situation we found ourselves in at Southampton but the worst of it was it might have been bearable if Southampton had a few lads having a bad day too but they didnt they all came and put in 100% max effort and played us off the park..imo the only redeeming factor was that we didnt get stuffed 6 or 7.1 by a on the day superb team.
    Allen Skrtel Glenda Agger Sturridge all were shocking looked inept seen better pub league players week in week out...I think the owners need to step in here and take a more direct line and tell Brenda displays like this will not be tolerated and there must not be another show the like of this and hes as a result on probation along with those players who were clearly culpable of a definite lack of effort and frankly as u say were a feckin disgrace to the shirt !

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    • Colin / Armchair Good posts guys.
      I'm still fuming over this result. I'd add Gerrard and Lucas to your list Colin.

      Have a look at the third goal as a prime example. Gerrard I think loses the ball in their half and then proveeds to walk back. The rest of the midfield aren't home. Southampton breeze past Lucas who looks like a f**t in a wind tunnel. Our back 4 are on our 18 yard line and all over the place. They walk it in. That is completely unacceptable from Gerrard and Lucas and God only knows what the back 4 were doing.

      That I'm afraid is a prime example of being lazy and not giving 5 monkeys. If that's all it takes to be a pro footballer then every single one of us then could do it and we'd be better because we'd put a bit more effort in. I bet they didn't even need a shower after that

    • Amusing. We have been playing the best football seen at Anfield for arguably a couple of decades, we have put on a pretty decent run with the goals scored column very high, the goals against column very low, we play one game and the pitchforks and torches are out again!

      One admittedly shocking bad game, a dodgy team selection and its all disaster speak again. At least 'Rodgers out' has been replaced with 'Rodgers on probation'.

      Do you expect us to win every game? Do you not think that we are a work in progress and we stumble, even when expected not too? The road is rocky lads, so put it back in your pants!