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  • colin colin Mar 18, 2013 21:29 Flag

    Bad day at the office

    Loki had to use armchairs post as it was first had a reply facility on it your posts didnt ...Idetest this board format ! Look mate the team were a feckin disgrace and to be honest with u if Id travelled down to South coast to support them for the first time in my history of supporting the club Id have catcalled them off the pitch at the end. Lazy tired disinterested distracted u name it anything but put out some effort. This wasnt a game wher wed given our all and just didnt get the breaks or could blame a couple bad officiating decisions for the loss of the points...this was frankly a complete capitulation and as I said on another post we were lucky not to come off at half time at least 1.5 DOWN ! Colyn has put up some good posts on how he saw the game itcorresponds to how I saw it and actually armchair too...sorry but just not possible to remain optimistic in the face of such a complete roasting by an on the day absolutely superb side who played us off the park ...end of. So...someone is responsible..right? Who selected Allen to START ? I saw tehe man duringthe match wince and rub his shoulder...come on this lad shouldnt even have ben on the bench let alone starting. Why bring Skrtel back Carra had been marshalling th e defense superbly recently ? I could go on but ....why bother ? One step fw two steps back is becoming the dance of choice.

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    • Colin - I empathise completely with what your saying. It was a disgraceful performance, everything was wrong on the day and only Brad Jones came out with any credit.

      However, don't you read the papers ? Both Carra and Lucas had knocks, although I'm not sure i believe it about Lucas, he did play second half after all. That is not my point though. What is my point is that we are a work in progress. It won't all be as smooth as a prom queen's thighs and it is unrealistic to expect it to be. It seems that whenever there is a bad result it's the same thing. To me it's as tedious as its repetitive. Now obviously you can have any opinion you want, but you seem to think that one bad result over-shadows all the good games we've played lately. It seems to me you don't have a balanced opinion because I have not heard one iota of credit for Rodgers and what he is obviously trying to implement. When we win its a shrug of the shoulders, when we lose its 'Rodgers out!' - every time!

      Remember, Southampton beat the current champions! Therefore, they are well capable of beating anyone else in the league. We don't have the players to get the title, because to me that is what your expectation is. Even the arch-pessimist, Armchair, thought 6th would show progress, so surely that means we won't win every game. So why moan so much when we do? We ve scored more goals this season than last, we are in a better position and everything else. Next season is the acid test of where we are going when Rodgers gets the players he wants. I will be with you if we are nowhere near 4th next season, but for now I am patient, why can't you be?

    • Sorry to reply to Loki's message through yours Colin. Yahoo have yet to fix these boards. So h:ere goes: I may be the "arch pessimist" but I do think 6th is likely this season. I'd prefer higher but can't see it somehow. We're just too inconsistent. As for next season.. well that all depends who he brings in and who goes out. Rumour has it Rodgers only has £20m + sales of players to spend in the summer.. If so thats not gonna be enough. Not if FSG are serious about any kind of title challenge or at least a 4th spot place..