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  • colin colin Mar 19, 2013 14:51 Flag

    Bad day at the office

    Loki...Im just not convinced by Rogers as a coach think he isnt a motivator just an opinion. My gripe was about the manner in which we played the game..no fight , apparently no stamina heads down most of the time sorry mate wont do, not for me. We win four games and its as if we won the League title FA CUP and ECLC ? We used to regularly go on unbeaten runs of 15 20 games overthe decades Ive been a supporter ...4 games ...big deal ! Anyway you wina game in The Prem u move on one game at a time so whats the relevance of having won the previous 4 games they are gone done with and at Southampton we were damned lucky not to have come home to Merseyside after losing by a cricket score. We can talk about the last game till we play the next one then hopefully the boys ...and the manager..redeem themselves for probably what was the worst performance Ive ever witnessed from a Liverpool side.

    • I'm with you in part Colin. I cannot tolerate a complete lack of effort like I saw against Southampton. That's just not acceptable. I'm not screaming for heads and I can tolerate losing games but there is some serious kicking of the arris needed within the playing squad. There's something unhealthy I don't like in there.