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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 19, 2013 15:10 Flag

    Bad day at the office

    I'm with you in part Colin. I cannot tolerate a complete lack of effort like I saw against Southampton. That's just not acceptable. I'm not screaming for heads and I can tolerate losing games but there is some serious kicking of the arris needed within the playing squad. There's something unhealthy I don't like in there.

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    • Colyn....yes EXACTLY. When u get practically the whole squad with their heads down no effort no fight no spirit this is completely unacceptable. What ever is wrong with the squad its Rogers job to sort it out ...fast ! Another performance like this just should not be allowed to ever happen.
      Im prepared to accept we are a work in progress and that will mean losing games here and there but thats not my gripe Im like u Im disgusted by the performance I witnessed last weekend...I dont know what the answer is all I know is were I Rogers or JH I would have read the whole squad particularly the starters at Southampton...THE RIOT ACT with warning that anybody putting inanother performance thelike of which theyd just put in at Southampton either wouldnt be startig for a while quite a while or would be...sold end of season.

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      • Colin, don't you think he DID read the riot act to them? I think also it convinced Rodgers that Skrtel is not going to have much of a future at Anfield and will be sold this summer. He will even have had a private word with Agger and one or two others about their unacceptable performance. I just think that we are making progress as a team and as a club. With the necessary backing and with the way we play I think we will go places. The hardest part is instilling that willing mentality that was so painfully missing at Soton. Look at United, I don't think they are anywhere near the level of the past, but they win so many games playing badly shows how important that winning mentality is. I think the hardest thing in football is to change mind-sets of players, and to be fair to Rodgers, all previous managers after Kenny have not been able to instil that mentality into the team, in the league anyway.