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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 20, 2013 09:54 Flag

    Bad day at the office

    Good discussion here being effed up by this forum format. Scream!

    I certainly hope Rodgers did. To his credit he did it after the Oldham debacle. It reminded me of Kenny saying that players wont be here long if they turn up like that. I hope he was right.

    I too never want to see or hear of another performance like that. People may say that there's nothing to play for. Rubbish. They have a / HAD a real opportunity of pushing for a European spot. That was largely in their control, something they could aim for. It just needed the application and effort. It's a missed opportunity and that riles me more than anything. Nothing hurts me more than upon reflection you have the question of "if I'd only" lingering in your mind.

    I just get a horrible feeling that there's a nasty little under current running through the squad somewhere. We've seen and heard hints of it and I think we've suffered some poor performances beacuse of it.