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  • colin colin Mar 20, 2013 11:24 Flag

    Bad day at the office

    Loki...Im prepared to give Rogers time Ive posted that up but what Im not preparedto accept and Im being specific here is performances the like of that at Southampton again. Quite seriously mate Ive been supporting our club more than 55yrs and can honestly say I never saw such a pathetic performance as I witnessed v Southampton last weekend. Please dont think Im one of these fair weather fans who is happy when we winning and instantly critical the moment any result just doesnt go our way. Of course there are going to be ups and downs but it was the manner of this particular down that has so upset me....with perhaps the exceptions of Louis Suarez (who's head NEVER seems to go down) young Couhtino and Brad between the sticks none of em looked proud to wear the shirt and frankly there were certain culprits I think Id be VERY tempted to demote them to the reserves and let them ply their trade their until the appetite and skills of top professionals returned and if it didnt become apparent that it was returning theyd be shown the door ! I have to say this display actually made me feel angry that our lads could put on the shirt and then fail so abysmally to perform ....did u not at a certain point in the game suspectthat we justmight be in for a cricket score club record drubbing ? If that had happened what is that going to do to the confidence of some of these young players ? BUT they must be made fully aware that this kind of thing can NEVER be allowed to happen to a Liverpool side again.
    Rogers job is to make sure it doesnt happen again and he must be held at least partially responsible for the fact that it did. SAF came from Aberdeen as Im sure u know and had created there a side that finally broke the monopoly of The Auld Firm no easy job back then particularly when it had to be done on a shoe string budget. SAF's first seven seasons at Old Toilet brought final placings of 4th 11th 2nd 11th 13th 6th 2nd and finally The League Championship . This was in the old First Division comprising 22 teams. Im not confident Rogers is going to be our SAF I feel we still have to find thatman but I will support his ideas for the club but I suspect that he just isnt a good man manager andcertainly isnt feared by the players which any great manager should be imo...canu imagine coming off the pitch at Southampton last weekend knowing the man waiting for u inthat dressing room was none other than the great Mr Bill Shankly !!! Do u think u would have been reflecting on just who might among u have played worse than u self inthe hope that u werent to be viewed as the worst culprit ? of course during the reign of Bill Shankly we would never have seen a display like that.