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  • Jason Jason Mar 19, 2013 17:32 Flag

    Prem Players of the Season YTD

    With about 8-9 games left, depending on the club, I think we're close to the point where we can see who's had the best seasons in their respective position, barring some ridiculous purple patch a player may hit these last few games, which most ironically & likely would be the same included anyways.

    Also, just a bit of a change of pace as the up and down, this and that, is a bit tedious regardless of which opinion you share about Rodgers and the team. Anyways, so here goes mine and it was tough, probably left 1-2 out, even in the honorable mentions:


    Begovic, Hazard, Mata, Michu, Cahill, Fellaini

    Honorable Mention: Enrique, Rafael, Carzola,Olsson, Lampard, Lambert,Foster,Silva, Carroll & Adam.

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    • Oh gee, I wonder, who ever could it be that gave a thumbs down.. I've got my smart money that says I know who you are!

    • Sarcasm for Carroll and Adam I hope?!

      Team of the year:

      I would have been tempted to put Carzola in goal with Michu, Dembele, Berbatov and Felaini across the back but I don't think it works like that!