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  • Jason Jason Mar 20, 2013 05:58 Flag

    Are the reports of 20 million a ruse?

    Loki mate, just like you and everyone else, I read that, and it was simply something stated in one of the silly papers like the Star, and ironically had us spending all 20M (of that so called amount) on one player, maybe Ericksen of Ajax or that ridiculously stupid rumor of Coentrao for 18M. The most expensive left back in world history who cost Madrid 28M, coming to Liverpool for 18M to back up Enrique.. Nuff said..

    Without working in the FSG offices, and not being privvy to any informataion, at least not until we hit the summer, that is absolutely a load of nonsense, and every time the papers talk about us, they state "modest fee" of some lowly nominal amount.

    Just look at this year when they said Rodgers would only get like 25M. He spent 10M on Borini, 15M on Allen, 12M on Sturridge, 3M on Assaidi, 1M on Yesil, 8M on Coutinho, and the loan for Nuri Sahin probably cost another 2-3M. He also wanted Ince for 6-8M, and Dempsey could have been done for 6-7M. All those and maybe 1-2 I'm not thinking of, or youth, come to almost 60M, not to mention who he was allowed to re-sign to lucrative new deals, Suarez, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Sterling, Suso and others.

    So, I'll go down on record as saying that is absolutely a pile of rubbish, and while I'd expect Sofa, and some others to take that number and run with it, complaining until the kick of the ball for the 13/14 season. We will spend far more than 20M, and it won't just be dependent on selling players. Rodgers has stated clearly he wants 4-5 and quality, not quantity and has the full backing. Now for some those 4-5 should be Cavani, Falcao,Damaio and anyone on Barca and Madrid, but in real life, they will be of a good quality, that fit his system, while providing new starters, depth, competition and experience along with "quality". I'm not ready to throw out a number yet until we get closer and I can dig up some things over here, but 50-60M wouldn't shock me, and while that will be less than whatever City, Chelsea, Utd and perhaps even Arsenal do, it is still decent amount, presuming everyone/thing stays intact, aside from those who need moving..

    For those obsessed with what those teams spend, also keep in mind the amount of players they HAVE to sell because of WAGES to be in line with FFP. City still have to sell Wayne Bridge, Roque Santa Cruz, then probably wastes in Sinclair, Maicon, Garcia, Lescott, Kolarov, Dzeko (god knows why), and the same for Chelsea with Torres, Benayoun, Romeu, Malouda (yes he's there), Ferreira, Hilario and possibly Cech to make room for Thibault on loan at Atletico, and to bring back Lukaku as well.

    We're going to be in a position of buying, and adding, with only a little bit of selling, and we all know who those players are, but of them all, only Carroll represents anything monumental that would count towards re-investment, and 15-18M would be a miracle.

    • I'lll hold my hand up here. I saw it in the media and put it up on here and quite honestly I should have rubbished it there and then. I'd be very disappointed if our transfer budget is still being leaked like it was when H&G were around. It puts you on the back foot from day one.

      We know the club is sorting its finances out so ther will be some pain there but on the other side there's the new PL deal, sponsorhips and other stuff. A lack of European football might bite though.

      Short answer is we don't know, and we shouldn't.