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  • Jason Jason Mar 20, 2013 15:44 Flag

    Are the reports of 20 million a ruse?

    Hi Colyn,

    I agree, though I hate it, because you always have Chelsea or Arsenal who are pretty open about who they're looking at, and what the prices are. But, unlike previous summers, and while not many share my view, I'm excited as always, but confident that we'll get players of a much higher calibre technically, physically, & creativity wise. No more one trick ponies(tails)

    There's no chance any media source anywhere outside of a stone's throw from Boston (let alone anywhere) would have any idea, because I'm sure they don't have a full idea yet, and the only chance 20M is even worth saying would be as a Gross figure, if we were to end up selling 1-2 players we don't want to, or might not expect to, and get high fees for them, like Skrtel and/or Reina, perhaps a Shelvey or Henderson. I'm not for selling any, though, whatever's happened to the ironman Skrtel, is just shocking after his impeccanle 2012.

    Rest assured, we'll have more than 20M to spend. Especially if you consider what the owners see Brendan did with 20M in January on Philippe and Danny (while exploring Ince & Cuenca from Barca), and where they may still be in the know and have belief in Assaidi who's an enigma, and Allen who now and fallen apart, needing surgery. Borini, will really have to have a great summer, even if to gain re-sale value.

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