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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Mar 21, 2013 00:52 Flag

    Are the reports of 20 million a ruse?

    With Suarez supposedly saying to any CL clubs"come get me" despite saying he's happy at trhe club thet doesn't help things.. It would help financially in terms of buying more players from the sale.. However it'll not help us long term as we'd be trying to get a striker used to the club again..

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    • I think that's trhe media stirring things up again Armchair. look carefully at what he's said. All he's really said is that he doesn't know what will happen in the future. I will personally leave it at that and see what really happens. I think he'll stay and I'm really crossing fingers that we can attract some exciting new players to the club.