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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 21, 2013 18:37 Flag

    Are the reports of 20 million a ruse?

    The question you have to ask when these sort of stories come out is what is the source? What rational would the club have to advertise ahead of time what its budget is? That makes no sense at all, so for me the source is no doubt as solid as the work done to tell the world Qatar is going to host a club competition that will make the CL look like a Sunday morning footie league.

    Bottom line is who knows other than Mr. Henry and a few others what we'll actually spend. I'd not hold your breath and expect a huge outlay, but to be honest I don't think we're that far away from a squad capable of competing for a top 4 slot, which is the current goal. I'd expect every penny raised from sales, a healthy sum based on the revenues of the club (based on last couple windows 20-30M,) plus maybe a modest injection of cash from Boston if that comes short of what the gaffer says is required to get us punching at the right level.

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    • With regards to this, and the numbers, along with how Rodgers has conducted his business, while he's never admitted to any names, even though we all knew Allen, Sturridge and then Coutinho as the hours closed, he's never hidden the fact that he's in routine dialogue with the owners, that they're providing him funds, backing him and as far as saying he wants another 4-5 players. He said he wants quality, not quantity.

      We all have our own wish lists, and names we'd love to see, but since we do need about 4-5 new players, plus maybe another 1-2 on the cheap for depth, or to replace anyone who goes, it's unlikely there will be any, if more than one player who costs more than 20M-ish.. unless a deal is just too good to turn down. You'd have to figure based on what he did with the 20M on Sturridge and Coutinho, along with the interest in Ince, we can see what he wants in that area, and what he can probably find for 10-15. So, my guess, and let's figure based off these guys, we come close to 40-50M.. not including sales. You could say 4 players in for 10M a piece, or 3 players for 15M, 1 for 5M.. I guess it won't really matter so long as he gets the player he wants that fits a need, and adds the desired quality and competition.

      Let's not forget, a whole summer of training and competition for Sterling and Suso, will see them as much more prominent figures next season, and while he's in everyone's poor graces, a healthy summer of hard work could help Borini redeem himself. Then who knows what's possible.. maybe we get 3 young but experienced players of a high quality and 1 superstar, and we'll be in great shape. Bottom line is, the papers will say whatever gets a rise, but 20M is laughable, and I'll bet it's closer to double that.. I think we need to focus on how the existing club/players finish the season because that could impact alot as well..