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  • colin colin Mar 22, 2013 13:21 Flag

    Joe Allen

    Ron J ...IN 100% agreement with u ..no way FSG should give Rogers any more money to go back shopping fo ex players of his when at Swansea both Borini and Allen have proved to be a bust...enough of all this Swansea shyte. To be frank dont honestly feel Laudrup would be much if any better than Rogers. Similar amount of cash spent on Couhtino and Sturridge looks like it might pay dividends...So Im with u stay the hell away from Swansea. If we want something in the middle lets fessup the cash and bring in Chris SAMBA !

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    • Hey Col. I'm only being a little mischevious about Laudrup but I do honestly think, being so well travelled, he may be just a little bit more aware of the potential of foreign stars to bring in at budget prices. I think that, as you say, Chris Samba could add a lot of value to our central defence, particularly with Carra retiring and Martin Skrtyll looking like he will be off elsewhere. I also heard today a whisper that Brendan is now looking to try and poach a time wasteing ball boy from Swansea? Whatever next? I believe that Chelsea are quite interested too!!