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  • As usual David, your posting is curiously interesting or maybe more interestingly curious. Transfer fees to me are only a snapshot in time and usualy reflect past performance, age and experience together with a little of how much playing value he gives to my team as opposed to how much I think you may be willing to pay so as to secure that playing potential for your team. However the ideal is usually to buy low and sell high which I seem to remember is the considered view of John Henry and Co's "moneyball" transfer cash booster theory. Truely, a can of beans is relatively a very desirable and expensive comodity to a starving beggar but to a millionaire it's probably a hardly desireable and worthless whatnot that has no place on the rich mans table. I guess therefore if my name is Roman Abramovitch or Sheik Abu Dhabi then the price tag matters very little 'cos I can always quite easily go and get someone else without too much concern as to where the money is coming from. However if my Club is Cashstrapped FC then the profit and loss of buying and selling becomes very important in determining whether I can afford to upgrade the quality of my playing staff. I suppose last August if I'd wanted to buy Clint Dempsey at £8M, I could easily have off loaded Andy Carroll at £15 M. I could have saved on Andy's great big monthly pay packet but to take such a big hit on the £35 M paid for asset?? Hmmm, dont think so. I dont honestly think John Henry and Co see price tags as irrelevant and I'm afraid, neither do I. If we went back to the market place now I dont think we'd get anywere near our money back on Carroll, Henderson, Borrini or Joe Allen..................but Luis Suarez....now thats one that really, really does worry me.

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    • Ron from your reply I think you do understand what I mean by the price tag being subjective and is therefore the notion of worth related to that price tag becomes very subjective. As you rightly point out some one starving will value that tin of beans with the last penny in his pocket, while if I've just had dinner you may have to pay me to tuck into some baked beans!

      But there are other variables in determine price which have little to do with the quality of the player. How much is left on his existing deal being a major factor, as in essence you never buy a player anymore (not since Bossman anyway) but just buy out the existing contract and then have the right to offer a new contract.

      I'm not saying transfers costs themselves have no meaning, and if the question is with 15M in the transfer kitty who do we spend it on, player A or player B, then obviously there is a discussion on which player is the better value. However once the money is spent it becomes a redundant discussion. Put it this way what you paid for your house is interesting, but if like most home owners your house is your biggest asset, its what its worth now, or what it might be worth when you’re ready to sell that is more important.