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  • colin colin Mar 24, 2013 11:32 Flag

    Joe Allen

    Ron J...I was able to reply directly to this post ofyours probably cos I was first to read it but if anyone else wants to reply to it they will I think have to use someone elses post that has a reply facility attached. As soon as anyone replies to a post the reply facility attatched directly to that post disappears ? Solution to all this nonesense with the board format would imo be to have Yahoo return the old format ..asap.
    Agree with u ideas on the transfer fee system...there are those on the board who seem to want to toss Andy C off to anybody willing to give ANYTHING for him ? This is not logical the lad may very well not be able to justify anybody giving 35 mill for him but imo when u look at what clubs are giving 20 mill for out there then considering his age Premier League starts experience and the fact that he is a full England International warrants getting AT LEAST 20 mill back or keep him on the books....Chelski wouldnt be about to let Torres go for anything less than 20 mill so why should Andy C be sold for less who would u rather have on the books right now Andy or Torres....hes young strong reperesents a perfect Plan B and who knows might very well adapt quite comfortably to Rogers system with a style of play winning any high balls down the middle and being able to hold the ball up well for such as Suarez or Sturridge .He may even able to get on the end of some of those good crosses from Stuart Downing that nobody seems capable of latching onto. Plus for a big lad he seems to require very little space to turn and has an excellent shot on the turn....either which way he has to be a better prospect to have on the books than that deadleg Borini right ?