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  • Was Joe Allen really a waste of dosh? His performances have been less than stellar, but does this injury account for that? Can anyone forget that for the first 3 months of the season he and Suarez were our best players, and we were all praising him to the heavens? For me, the team looks unbalanced when he and Lucas play together, and I do think we can get bullied in midfield when he plays.

    My overall verdict is a good squad player, but shouldn't be in the starting 11.

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    • There is no doubt he's had a dip in form from the beginning of the season when I personally was very excited by his fluid play. Whether that is down to an inability to play alongside Lucas or the injury or a combination of both I don't know.

      But I would point out two recent observations in his defense. First last weekend against the Saints there is no doubt he was poor, but then can someone tell me who was better than average last Saturday? With no one standing out for a good reason, a number of players doing the opposite, I'm not sure it’s fair to point out that performance as say he can't cut it. Put it this way, did we do any better in the second half when he was replaced by Lucas?

      Second I'd look at the Spurs match when imo the bringing on of Allen was actually a major factor in swinging the result to us. Second half we could not get the ball to stick. To be honest I was afraid when Coutinho was pulled for Allen as it was clearly taking off an attacking player for someone to sit in the middle. But while we never looked at our best, after Allen came on we gain more control of the ball, and therefore dictated much more of the overall play.

      So have a go at the lad if you like, at times in the second half of the season I'd say it’s been appropriate to call him out, but also be balanced when the lad actually does make a more positive contribution.

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      • If the question was "is Joe Allen any good" I'd say "yeah, he's ok as a useful squad player". But if the question was "is Joe Allen worth £15 M" I'd have to say "Hmmmm I very much doubt it". The previous manager got pilloried for splashing £35 M on Andy Carroll when the Torres cash was sloshing arround and rightly so. Carroll was / is good, but not that good....and so is the case with Joe Allen, the slight difference being that when Joe was bought the cash was in very short supply. In fact to "crash the cash" on ex- Swansea "stars" Allen @£15 M and Borrini @£10 M has IMO proved not to be a very sensible decision at all 'cos neither has delivered very much. In fact, based on this past form, if I was John Henry I would seriously consider banning Brendan from going back to Swansea to buy a "hat-trick" of "stars" in bidding for Ashley Williams. If, however, we went for Laudrup it would be a different matter, but then I'm ever the cynic!
        Mr Glum.

    • Loki...hes a lightweight not even for the bench never liked what I saw since we bought the lad...I fault BR for buying him rather than spending the money on someone could seriously improve our midfield 16 mill I wouldnt from all ive seenrate the lad at even 5 mill .Its no wonder we keep getting mugged in the transfer market when people see us pay fees like that for a lad of his capacity.

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      • I agree and have a slightly different view at the same time on Allen. I certainly agree that there's something wrong when he and Lucas play together. I would also say there's a problem when Allen and Gerrard play together, especially when Gerrard plays in an advanced role.

        I think the problem stems from playing a 3 man midfield with Gerrard in an advanced postion. We become very spread out and stretched which leaves huge gaps for the opposition midfield and forwads to exploit. I wish I could do pictures to illustrate my point.

        have a look at this video and pause it at 1:24.

        Look at the state we're in. Gerrard has lost the ball and is walking. There's a huge space through the centre and our right flank. The central defenders aren't aren't even in the shot. There is no sign of Lucas in this instance. His effort to tackle left me raging afterwards by the way. My point is that we are all over the place, no shape and not high enough. No where near tight enough. The distance between the forward line and our defense is far too great. We invite problems like this and any defensive midfielder would look rubbish when exposed like this.