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  • Jason Jason Mar 22, 2013 14:53 Flag

    What are these morons talking about?

    I know from time to time, I've posted quotes and comments from our mighty skipper, Stevie, and while I agree some are your regular "good guy", "leader" and PR friendly stuff, I've also had some other things he said, shut down or lumped in with the "PR" campaign despite never hearing the endorsements during the dying Rafa days, Hodgson disaster, and down the stretch as the 18th placed team under the King.

    That said, I think these 2, who are very ordinary players, one linked with a 20+ move to City last year and could have gone, along with some Barca noise, and another, purely Barca material, should both shut up.. The reason I say this is because it doesn't matter that they're in training every day, have been for almost 1 full season, see what's going on behind closed doors, both very vocal players of the lot we have, top class calibre, highly in demand and know what's going on, yet we some how have much more knowledgeable experts on the board, including one, who went on a rant about 2 months ago with the foresight to say, in factual terms, Rodgers is no better than a mid table manager, others that he's completely inept, and so many other decisive terms and comments. So, I really do think with such insight and certainty from our armchair supporters (not aimed at you Armchair, just the ""), that these players need to shut up, and stop with the friendly PR talk because surely as players, 2 of our very best and coveted as I've described above, they can't possibly really believe these things they're saying, can they???

    I actually think, that if we're so lucky to have such precise, accurate and before the fact information, such as what Mel for example (sorry Mel) said, then this board should be raided by LFC for all sorts of management, personnel, and financial positions, rather than the ones we have. Only makes sense to me..



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