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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 25, 2013 15:30 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    l also think he'll leave. I'd be very surprised if he even wants to come back to be honest. The figures wont make happy reading but I'll console myself with some semi creative accounting where we sold Torres for £15m (even that looks expensive now!) and a drop in the wage bill.

    Although I would have really liked to have seen what Torres could have done under Kenny and now Rodgers

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    • But if Nando had stayed and played for Kenny with Luis alongside him, do you think Rodgers would have been brought in at all??????? Tough call..........not

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      • We'd be EPL champs if that was the case Rob.. That's if Torres hadn't been lied to and was told Suarez was bought to replace him..

      • Ron J...In some ways it is a tough call was Kenny under orders to sell Torres ? Who knows ? I do think much of his loss of form recently can be put down to the negativity of Chelski fans towards him the fact that his old boss is there now brings it home to them he was a player for us just as Benitez was our boss previously and they seem to think naively that we have some kind of "historic rivalry" with them hence all the anti Benitez stuff.... I just think Torres was never welcome there either in the dressing room by the senior players or by the fans...and that could have a serious impact on his confidence and form....dont u think ? He loved that "through ball" to chase onto one on one with a centre back , maybe hed have played very well linked up with Louis Suarez...unless something VERY unexpected happens in the close season doubt we will ever know the answer to that one mate.