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  • colin colin Mar 25, 2013 18:28 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    Hobs Colyn...what have u lads got against the lad ?...my feeling all along is that there was some bad blood between BR and the lad...what the hell else are we going to get for 10 mill or so he represents a plan B that we dont currently have that could in my estimation be worth at least 12pts come end of season...whats wrong with that ? He has to be worth another go round hes a professional and can play any system hes required to play and if he can get on the end of some of Downings crosses ( Nobody else seems able to ) he could be worth far more come end of season than 12pts.Another loan to save on his wages...nuts ! In the end he will become another complete financial disaster for the club like the Aquilani deal. End of last season the lad was playing well turned Terry inside out and upside down damn nearly won us the FA CUP with his "goal" played marvellously for England in ENC Who can forget his goal v Sweden ? What about the damage that he did to UniTURD putting himself about in the box who else have we got can do that ? Why do u think its impossible for BR to bury the hatchet and welcome him back ? Hell we are paying Sterling 40k a week and he cant even sit on the bench...dont notice u complaining about that Id rather sell Sterling on and welcome Andy back ...that way for all u amateur accountants out there the books balance maybe even a bit in the black on such a situation.

    • Colin - I don't necessarily have anything against Carroll, but I ask myself how useful will he be in our current set-up. On the rare occasions he's played, what stands out for me is the fact that he is not very mobile at all, an essential attribute for the way the current team is set up, and he and Suarez could hardly be described as being on the same wavelength can they? You have to admit he has not set the world alight at West Ham, which is surprising as they are set up exactly the right way for a player of Carrolls type.

      I don't think Rodgers has had a falling out with him, I think he was honest from the start. You can't slag Rodgers off for that because how many times do you see new managers ditching players who you may think could have a role? All the time!

      I think we need to take the loss on the chin a d get rid of him, even to Newcastle. If his money allows us to bring in a more suitable player for our system, then so be it.

    • You have it wrong if you think I have a problem with Big Andy, ask Jason etc, I always come to the lads defence. As I have said all along, he never asked to cost £35m, if he was just a lad from the academy it would never be an issue and he would have been on the bench, started a few cup matches etc. I think he could have been useful in closing games out as much as chasing them, it is like having another centre half at defending corners, put it this way, he is easily better then Borini.

      But if the manager doesn't fancy him for whatever reason then that is that and he has to go. It might be that there is £10m there he fancies going toward the next Sturridge, hopefully not the next Borini!

    • Whilst I believe every team, needs a plan B. As the season has progressed Andy will be lucky to be plan D. We already have two strong formations that are evident. I am sure with analysis, there are other variants employed too. Not that I am against Andy Carroll at all. With you I remember towards end of season 11-12, that finally things were looking promising in terms of his form and fitness.
      What ever has happened at the club. BR has said you can not have a £35m player on the bench. We will have the spiel that the "lad needs to be playing week in, week out"

    • Fair points Colin I just don't think Rodgers likes him. I don't have a huge amount against him but I also don't think he fits very well either. Difficult for me to put my finger on why exactly. Perhaps it's because he hasn't quite grabbed his opportunity at Liverpool or West Ham but injuries certainly played a part in that. I've just got the impression that Rodgers couldn't get him out the door fast enough for whatever reason.

      I agree that he can offer the "bull in the China Shop option" and on his day he can be a real menace to any back 4 but from where I stand.

      Tactic changes come in many shapes and forms for me and I think it's important that you hold true to your core principles which in our case is not to lump it forward. You can still do various things like stretch teams out wide, counter attack, and tuck in and overlap from deep.

      At the moment my biggest concern is some rather strange lack of motivation and a rather alarming gap or two that appear in midfield.