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  • colin colin Mar 26, 2013 11:43 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    Colyn...as u say and Ive been saying for a long time I dont know what it is between him and Rogers but it seems to me there is defo BAD BLOOD....most managers would be well pleased to have Andy in their squad and I warrant most would start him....this boy can do some real damage and Like I say if he stays fit next season could easily as a Plan B option render us a good 12pts come end of season that we wouldnt have otherwise won.

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    • Colin mate,
      Let me ask you if you re-phrased your statement on "most managers" and said "most managers in the top 6"..?
      United - no
      City - no
      Chelsea - no
      Spurs - no
      Arsenal - no
      Everton - maybe

      So, if that was true, then he's desired by the remaining 12-13 clubs and they'll all be in for him this summer surely.

      As for the 12 pts thing, he hasn't even won 12 points for West Ham who are 110% built for that style of game to suit him, yet he has 3 goals in 19, 1 with his foot early on, 1 with his head, and 1 about 4-5 weeks ago via pk, which captain and good friend, Kevin Nolan benevolently gave him.

      5 Losses that stand out to me / us.. City, horrible back p#$%$ by Skrtel, 2 pts dropped. City again, awful mistake by Reina for a goal, 2 pts dropped. Awful marking / Defending while up 2-0 and 2-1 at Arsenal, 2 pts dropped. Home early doors to Arsenal 2-0, just played off the pitch while not used to any of the new system, 3 pts dropped, and recently, just played off the pitch from the first to last whistle at St. Mary's, 3-1, 3 pts dropped. Those are 12 points (Arseanl @ Anfield aside) that should not have happened, and seen at least 8 to 12 points dropped because of bad defending, and not lack of scoring. Figure you add in the minimum of 8, and we're 5th place right off Spurs, and if all 12, we're level. So if you add in another 12 pts from Andy's 2 open play goals all season, we're fighting with City for 2nd in the league, you're that sure?

      You are so upset with the 10M spent on Borini, and pretty upset with the 15M on Allen, depending on if he can return to anything like we all saw/liked early doors, but for a player who earns about 70K a week (add it up) that's MILLIONS, not including the price tag, to sit on the bench, waiting for a chance to be a plan B, who has 5 goals in 40 league games in 2 years.. Where is his renaissance going to come from, and what has shown you it will because none of us has anything against him personally, but it's quite easy to see where he lacks, and that's not heart, effort or being a good lad, just some physical limitations. If I had whatever 70K weekly added up to over 2 seasons, I guarantee you, we'd have 1 bad #$%$ striker as a 2nd/3rd option who's not only a plan B, but someone who can start when needed, and link up in our system A of play..

      The wages, being on the bench, a back up option, and our tight financials, along with already scoring alot of goals but NOT DEFENDING are the problem. Andy is not the solution, unless he moves to CB.