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  • Hobitez Hobitez Mar 26, 2013 11:57 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    You have it wrong if you think I have a problem with Big Andy, ask Jason etc, I always come to the lads defence. As I have said all along, he never asked to cost £35m, if he was just a lad from the academy it would never be an issue and he would have been on the bench, started a few cup matches etc. I think he could have been useful in closing games out as much as chasing them, it is like having another centre half at defending corners, put it this way, he is easily better then Borini.

    But if the manager doesn't fancy him for whatever reason then that is that and he has to go. It might be that there is £10m there he fancies going toward the next Sturridge, hopefully not the next Borini!

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    • Its financial insanity to drop 25 mill on the lad without giving him a real chance to prove his worth to the club and if he did eventually go show he was a talent worth a whole lot more than some derisory 10 mill ofer from the club who sold him to us for 35 mill...seems to me u guys are just forming another In Rafa We Trust Brigade just subsitute Rogers for Rafa there...whatever Rogers says goes he dont like the lad I dont like the lad and he has to go sort of thing..but when u think about it he has a lot of attributes we could have really used in a whole number of games this season that migh have brought about a different result to that we got.

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      • Oh I think we've done far wose than spending £35m on Carroll Colin. But as I said somewhere else on here I consider Carroll as an expensive £15m player and a drop in the wage bill. The £35m has long gone.

        You're right though the madness has to stop. We've spent more than almost everyone over the last few years and it's got us diddly squat due to some really poor decision making at the negotiation table. That I hope and pray will stop.

        As far as Rodgers and IRWT, well I was never a huge fan of Rafa. I was firmly in the "he's a clueless lunatic" camp. Rodgers I like but for the record it's because of what he's trying to build more than anything else. To me it makes sense to build as we are when all around us have gone mad. If Rodgers leaves I just pray that we find someone that will continue the work on the same lines. We've wasted 20+ years faffing around and that also has to stop and changing directions just leads to more of the same.