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  • colin colin Mar 26, 2013 15:54 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    Loki Jason...lads I believe the lad has talent he turns on a dime for a big fellah he has agreat shot on the turn he is dynamite in the air but needs some service to prove it...Stuart Downing on current form could be the supplier...why allthis insistence that if we play him it has to be with long balls hoofed down the middle tactics? Leave him up front to keep defences honest and let Downing get to the byline and send in those fast crosses high or low and u could see a high scoring Andy C plus he has great ability in holding up the ball up front until others are involved inthe play...something for all the criticism of the lad Emile Hesky also did well for us granted he never scored too many though. He also brings to the side something nobody else does withthe exception of maybe Stevie and Carra he can "put it about" in the box and cause real chaos which should make us far more proficient at profiting from corners and other set pieces. Thing is his wages are likely to cost us close to 3 mill the loan fee from WHU was 3 mill so another such loan fee or a rock bottom price from Newcastle for him ...10 mill ? What are u going to get for that maybe another Sturridge...a fair to middling forward but hardly world class or worse case scenario another Borini ! I just think its worth getting behind the lad giving support and lets just see if given that support he can deliver big time for us...I dont follow how u feel a manager would toss out a club record signing without even giving him a chance to show what hes got without there being personal issues behind it...u think if Torres had still been here with us #$%$ though he was at the death Rogers would have shown him the door because.."He doesnt suit my style of play and my plans."...te fans would have built a bonfire and stuck Rogers on the top of it !