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  • colin colin Mar 26, 2013 16:03 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    Loki u say its worth having 10 mill toward a player more suited to "our" system...that system looked totally defunct at St Mary's mate so dont se why after such a pathetic spineless display and Rogers inability to stem the rout (IT COULD HAVE EASILY TURNED INTO A CLUB RECORD DEFEAT ) u show such faith in BR...like i say sounds like another IRWT BRIGADE forming here.

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    • Colin and Colyn, I cant believe you think Rafa was a nutter after he gave us all an unforgettable night in Istanbul. Then the following yeat the FA Cup. We were an Arshavin goal from winning the league as well. I disagreed with some things he did but nonetheless, he will always be a legend in my book.

    • Colin, I don't believe I mentioned any amount of money for Carroll. The difference between Torres and Carroll is that Torres did the biz for us and Carroll hasn't. I have seen every game Carroll has played for us at home and the fact is he has been impressive about 3 times - that's it. He has no consistency. You talk about him being a plan B, how long do you think he would accept being on the bench? Never! Better to get rid of an unhappy player than have him hang around like a festering wound. We need mobile technical players, I do think we need more muscle definitely, but that must be allied to the attributes that Carroll does not possess.

    • Loki...sorry mate it was Hobs on this same thread made the comment about 10 mill for him that Rogers could use towards purchase of another player...this format is such #$%$ that u have to use the reply facility where u can find one ? Its a bit confusing sometimes. Think we just have to agree to disagree with u on the talent of Andy C...but you saw him play all his home games so do respect u point of view as I hadnt seen them all but thinbk I defo saw the impressive ones so maybe thats whats influenced me ?

    • Colyn...pleased to hear uwere convinced Benitez was a clueless lunatic we were on the same page there allright .