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  • Jason Jason Mar 28, 2013 19:52 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    As much as you say my post was complete nonsense and how I chose to speak of certain things and not others, in your very passionate, (nobody will ever begrudge you that) response, you've done the same thing, and do so in nearly every thread when you're dead set on a particular result or idea. We're talking about Andy Carroll, and yet glossed over the Southampton game, which none of us really wants to re-live, but you keep mentioning, along with Rafa now, only god knows why.. After seeing him with Chelsea, I don't ever want to see him at Anfield again, other than the special events held, where he will always be welcome. Unless Rafa and Andy are being considered as defenders, which I think is viable for Andy, the Southampton game is a debacle and irrelevant. For everyone's sake, let's drop it and hope it never happens again.

    To explain my nonsense, I'd like to point out one thing and then ask some basic questions that can probably clear up the Andy Carroll story, I referenced his goals tally in full awareness of the games he's played and missed with West Ham. So, on to the questions that don't revolve around St. Mary's, Rafa, we go:

    - Why does Sam Allardyce not want to take up the option to keep Carroll?
    - Why did a man/manager, who would have a lump in his pants to have a lump it up the field option at his disposal, in Roy Hodgson, not select him for the recent England squad? He's played 90" 5 straight matches and scored twice, yet Roy went with a group of midgets..?
    - After showing some glimpses, including a nice goal against Sweden, when BR made it known he wasn't in his plans, why did nobody else besides Newcastle and WHU show any interest? That's the highest his value would have been!
    - When being fit the ENTIRE season in 2011/12, available 49 matches, why did Kenny start him ONLY 29 times, including being left on the bench in some of those matches where Suarez was banned for 9 games?
    - Who aside from Pardew, Allardyce, and Tony Pulis (brilliant/scary fit) is going to bid for him this summer?

    These are basic, and pretty rhetorical questions, and I included stats that benefitted him and you for the sake of a debate, yet 1+1 doesn't seem to add up in his case. You pointed out to Colyn Hobs and Loki, asking what have they got against the lad, and I think I'd be included there and have the same answer, absolutely nothing against him. But that begs the question, what have you got for the lad aside from your own personal affinity? Because you like him alot as a player, and find his value more than others, does not make it the right move to just keep him, justify 70-80k sitting on the bench, or enough for you to label it as things like "suicide" or an injustice like it's the worst move in LFC or football history? You can say likewise about my position, but I am at least supporting my reasons for why he should go (and will go) with tangibles, not "creative accounting" as you might label it, but rather with black and white facts, not stats.. 44 LFC appearances, 6 LFC league goals, and selected to start, when fit only over 50% of the time. Causing defenders a bit of a tough day at the office, isn't quite good enough, otherwise everyone would emulate Stoke's style and transfer policy. If I had seen the return of 35M from other big buys, as new owners at that time, and compared to now, I'd consider it more than financial suicide, I'd just down right consider suicide.