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  • colin colin Mar 27, 2013 17:18 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    Loki...I was made up with Istanbul and loved taking FA CUP v WHU....but beyond that second season I became disenchanted withhis dull hold-position counter attack tactics plus his rotation for the sake of rotation was quite frankly... barmy. I could never understand the IRWT BRIGADE and dont think Im about to subscribe to the IR(ogers)WT BRIGADE any time soon particularly after that all time spineless display at St Mary's the other week...its his job to make sure things the like of what happened at St Mary's DONT happen to our club and quite clearly he hadnt been doing his job ! That very nearly became a rout that could have led to an all time record score defeat...and if u dont think that was the case then u couldnt have been watching the same match as me.

    • I agree, both fabulous moments but when you look in detail I'm far from impressed with the guy. For everything good that can be said for him I can easily counter with an argument against. That's simply a sad state of affairs.

      For me the biggest thing was that to every opposition fan he was a joke, we were a laughing stock and quite honestly no one ever gave us two cents worth of respect. When that happens you then you know something isn't right in my book. He gave them opposition fans so much to feed on it was ridiculous.

      I also really disliked the press leaks situation. His own little press department almost which he pitched against anyone and everyone. It was embarressing. Thankfully that stopped when he left.

      Finally his ability to fall with everyone around him is his one true talent in my book along with dismantling football clubs.