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  • colin colin Mar 29, 2013 11:53 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    Jason...Kenny like most managers would pick starters based on the premise horses for courses. 29 starts out of 49 sems reasonable particularly when u dont quote how many times he came off the bench i the other 20 matches. Some weeks he would likely represent a Plan B option other weeks he was a definite starter ...seems reasonable to me.
    Why Hodgson doesnt want to pick him Ive no idea but then Id no idea what Hodgson was doing most of the time he was our "manager" either ! I detest International Competition football and simply consider it a risk and an unnecessary one at that to have our players swanning around the world playing these meaningless Qualifiers...sooner International Competion Football is abandoned the better imo...that many fewer games for our lads to play and no need to worry bout em coming back badly injured and ruining our season into the bargain !
    With regard to mentioning the Southampton debacle ...I dont think it can be mentioned enough... to remind ourselves we should NEVER have to witness again such a pathetic spineless display by a Liverpool FC side and their totally on the day inept manager ! The club and all theplayers starters and those on the bench AND THE MANAGER should have issued an official apology to all Liverpool FC's world wide fan base and in particular those who spent their hard earned money on travelling to Southampton to witness this shambles of a performance !