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  • colin colin Mar 25, 2013 12:52 Flag

    Andy C on his way back to Anfield ?

    Looks like Big Sam doesnt want to take Andy on a permanent transfer to WHU...So...who do u think Brendan will loan him out to for next season...Newcastle ? Or do u think he will realize its time to mend fences with Andy and have a Plan B ? Or do uthink he will just throw himoverboard to anyone who will bid anything for him on a permanent transfer (for me this last is the worst possible option and shouldnt even be entertained for a minute )

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    • Jason...Kenny like most managers would pick starters based on the premise horses for courses. 29 starts out of 49 sems reasonable particularly when u dont quote how many times he came off the bench i the other 20 matches. Some weeks he would likely represent a Plan B option other weeks he was a definite starter ...seems reasonable to me.
      Why Hodgson doesnt want to pick him Ive no idea but then Id no idea what Hodgson was doing most of the time he was our "manager" either ! I detest International Competition football and simply consider it a risk and an unnecessary one at that to have our players swanning around the world playing these meaningless Qualifiers...sooner International Competion Football is abandoned the better imo...that many fewer games for our lads to play and no need to worry bout em coming back badly injured and ruining our season into the bargain !
      With regard to mentioning the Southampton debacle ...I dont think it can be mentioned enough... to remind ourselves we should NEVER have to witness again such a pathetic spineless display by a Liverpool FC side and their totally on the day inept manager ! The club and all theplayers starters and those on the bench AND THE MANAGER should have issued an official apology to all Liverpool FC's world wide fan base and in particular those who spent their hard earned money on travelling to Southampton to witness this shambles of a performance !

    • If Suarez goes we'll need a back-up striker. maybe Carroll & Sturridge could work well together?

    • Loki...I was made up with Istanbul and loved taking FA CUP v WHU....but beyond that second season I became disenchanted withhis dull hold-position counter attack tactics plus his rotation for the sake of rotation was quite frankly... barmy. I could never understand the IRWT BRIGADE and dont think Im about to subscribe to the IR(ogers)WT BRIGADE any time soon particularly after that all time spineless display at St Mary's the other week...its his job to make sure things the like of what happened at St Mary's DONT happen to our club and quite clearly he hadnt been doing his job ! That very nearly became a rout that could have led to an all time record score defeat...and if u dont think that was the case then u couldnt have been watching the same match as me.

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      • I agree, both fabulous moments but when you look in detail I'm far from impressed with the guy. For everything good that can be said for him I can easily counter with an argument against. That's simply a sad state of affairs.

        For me the biggest thing was that to every opposition fan he was a joke, we were a laughing stock and quite honestly no one ever gave us two cents worth of respect. When that happens you then you know something isn't right in my book. He gave them opposition fans so much to feed on it was ridiculous.

        I also really disliked the press leaks situation. His own little press department almost which he pitched against anyone and everyone. It was embarressing. Thankfully that stopped when he left.

        Finally his ability to fall with everyone around him is his one true talent in my book along with dismantling football clubs.

    • I imagine that Rodgers has been given a plan to adjust his wage bill, that has been evidenced already so shifting Carroll's £80k per week from that was probably quite influencial. That is £4.2m per year, take away a £3m signing bonus and it equates to Carroll's year on loan financing 2/3rds of the Sturridge deal for instance. If it was sell to buy when he came in, then a potential of £17m for the following summer probably looked a winner in his eyes, understandable? I think so.

      The gamble was that AC would score goals and look good in a side geared to his strengths and to be honest, he hasnt really, the end result would have been a decent sale figure to WHU or a sale elsewhere. His fitness problems have ended that chance, that is part and parcel of his career so far, he does struggle with it. We all know that AC wouldnt have been released if BR didnt think we were getting Sturridge and Dempsey, I very much doubt a similar mistake would be made again this summer, if he goes, it is because we have others coming.

      Even if had scored 20 goals, I don't think he would have recouped his £35m do you?!

    • I think he will 'throw him overboard to anyone who will bid anything for him'! If he wouldnt keep him last summer then why would he this year? I think if we get a potential buyer a deal will be done quickly at a huge loss, a loan is the likely answer if a buyer doesn't surface.

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      • Hobs Colyn...what have u lads got against the lad ?...my feeling all along is that there was some bad blood between BR and the lad...what the hell else are we going to get for 10 mill or so he represents a plan B that we dont currently have that could in my estimation be worth at least 12pts come end of season...whats wrong with that ? He has to be worth another go round hes a professional and can play any system hes required to play and if he can get on the end of some of Downings crosses ( Nobody else seems able to ) he could be worth far more come end of season than 12pts.Another loan to save on his wages...nuts ! In the end he will become another complete financial disaster for the club like the Aquilani deal. End of last season the lad was playing well turned Terry inside out and upside down damn nearly won us the FA CUP with his "goal" played marvellously for England in ENC Who can forget his goal v Sweden ? What about the damage that he did to UniTURD putting himself about in the box who else have we got can do that ? Why do u think its impossible for BR to bury the hatchet and welcome him back ? Hell we are paying Sterling 40k a week and he cant even sit on the bench...dont notice u complaining about that Id rather sell Sterling on and welcome Andy back ...that way for all u amateur accountants out there the books balance maybe even a bit in the black on such a situation.

      • l also think he'll leave. I'd be very surprised if he even wants to come back to be honest. The figures wont make happy reading but I'll console myself with some semi creative accounting where we sold Torres for £15m (even that looks expensive now!) and a drop in the wage bill.

        Although I would have really liked to have seen what Torres could have done under Kenny and now Rodgers