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  • colin colin Mar 29, 2013 11:36 Flag

    Rodgers' error that could have cost top 4..

    Jason...Ive been posting up my suspicions about Rogers and his playing his fave-boy from Swansea for quite some time, before it was revealed he had this shoulder injury. Even he hadnt had the shoulder injury his shockingly bad form should not have even earned him a spot on the bench let alone starting him...too right it was a huge mistake by Rogers...in my book another huge mistake to add to plenty of others hes made since his arrival. He is making all these mistakes while he learns his trade as a manager he should have been making his mistakes and learning his trade elsewhere we are too big a club to put up with his apprenticeship ..we should have brought someone with proven experience in to manage our club a journeyman not an apprentice.

    • I agree Colin.. FSG should've appointed a proven quality manager then hired Rodgers as his assistant. cos Rodgers isn't good enough or experienced enough to take the reigns of such a big club as ours.

    • Well Colin,
      I agree there have been other mistakes, but for me this is the biggest in particular because Allen went from very good, to very bad in a quick period of time and none of us could really figure it out. I appreciate the fact they didn't want to make excuses, but I don't appreciate finding out how truly bad it was, and for whatever reason he was selecting him recently after a stint on the bench. It does raise a fair question about how Lucas is getting on, and quite obvious he's not at his best after the knee, but brings up Jordan and Jonjo

      I think BR has gotten a lot of things right, and while I know you're not a fan along with others, in grand scheme of things I'm happy with things he's done, especially since we haven't had a manager who's had to deal with the plethora of issues he has, rather than just being a manager. But I hope in hindsight, he's learned his lesson here, and it will help him focus on what else he needs in the summer aside from the names we can feel fairly certain about, and the others we may cross our fingers over.

      This summer will be critical for both Allen and Borini. Fortunately both are very young and we've at least seen what Allen can do on a good day, whereas Borini has not impressed and had 6 months of injuries. He was a very good player at Roma, but he's got to show something this summer or we need to #$%$ adding another striker or two.