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  • colin colin Mar 29, 2013 14:30 Flag

    Rodgers' error that could have cost top 4..

    Jason...Im as u say not the biggest fan of BR. I do however think he has got certain things right since he took over getting everyone from the Academy on up to play to the same system seems to me a great idea. We seem incapable of consistency, yes we are going to lose some but its the manner in which we have lost some of those games that disturbs me...we play out of our skins v Spurs show plenty of spirit plenty of fight then next game go to St Mary's and...well...u know the rest of the story and that for me is down to BR he has responsibility for the gross inconsistency of his charges. If anyone feels he shouldnt shoulder that responsibility then I d like to ask them just what they think his responsibilities are as our manager ?
    This patience with both Borini and Allen I dont understand I think neither of these players is ever going to make the grade here. Borini Im sure will be shown the door before the season opens...does anyone know what his salary is ? Allen im sure BR will give him every chance and more if necessary mores the pity cos think he has no real ability better to let him show up play a few games after injury and get him in the shop window but doubt that will happen 25 mill for these two and everybody is moaning bout 35 mill for Andy C ? How much you think these two would return in the transfer market this summer best thing to do with em is offer em up as makeweights in some deal them plus cash for a player we want. Just hope we dont end up with Williams from Swansea...that would complete the hat trick of Ex Swansea deadlegs !

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    • I don't want Williams & Ince here.. we surely can do better than them both? I'm sick of us buying very average to mediocre players hoping they'll come good.. buy good players in the first place and watch them become great.

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      • Isn't that part of football Armchair? Buying players and turning them into something better. We've done, Them down the road have done it etc. Not saying that these teo names are here or there just trying to make a point.

        Look at many of our previous players and for that matter someone like Michu. Under everyone's radar and has been one of the sensations of the season. Bale too. Wenger turned him down and chose Walcott instead. Harry took ages to get the best out of him. Look at him now!

    • Colin - we know your views which is fine. What I want to know is how would you fix it? Hers a few questions so I know where your coming from.

      1) which managers are acceptable to you?
      2) 2 centre halves - who?
      3) muscle man in the middle - who?
      4) striker - is AC the only option?
      5) ACM - who?
      6) who would you sell and how would you plug the gaps by their departures?

      If you answer those I will have a better handle of where your coming from.