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  • Colyn Colyn Mar 30, 2013 09:33 Flag

    Rodgers' error that could have cost top 4..

    Just a slightly different angle guys. Fair points made by both of you by the way. What if Rodgers felt he had no choice because he simply doesn't think the other midfielders aren't good enough. For me that area of the pitch, with or without Allen has been both good and bad for us this year and is the root cause of our inconsistency. I also read that we're interested in the Ajax player Eriksson and along with Ince suggests that we're looking to strengthen that area.

    I'm just playing devils advocate because I think our midfield really needs some work.

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    • That's a fair angle Colyn, and I had actually considered it, but the only water I can pour on it is, Jordan had been very good for a while, and then dropped more for the inclusion of Coutinho and Sturridge while Allen was still sat on the bench. Perhaps it's Jonjo he's lost faith in, because to be honest I can only think of 2-3 appearances in quite some time for Jonjo, and he hasn't done anything worth noting, albeit sometimes tough to do as a younger player off the bench.

      I think of those 2, if playing devil's advocate, Jordan offers us much more all around right now. He has alot of pace, can run for days, actually picks good pases when playing with confidence and seems comfortable playing deeper back there, whereas Jonjo is a bit wreckless in the tackle and a more forward thinking midfielder. So, if he's not sold on one or the other, and I had read something that said Jonjo may consider his future, my guess would be he'd go. I'm not saying I want that, but we have 5 midfielders and there's also Connor Coady in the wings, who's been impressive any time we've seen him, and gets rave reviews from the reserves. Not saying he's ready or the answer, but having him in the mix, makes 6, and of them all, I think Gerrard is the one most likely to give a crushing tackle, and Lucas the one to track back and get stuck in. We need one who can do both..

      As for Eriksen, the stories are true, which is actually fantastic news to be linked with a player like that for once and actually have very strong foundation behind it. Whether or not the move happens in the summer will depend on many things, but it seems like if the window were open at this minute, Rodgers would spend 16M and seems Eriksen is keen after rejecting a contract. He is of the calibre of the Ozil's, Goetze, Reus, type players in that CAM role behind the striker. If we were to add him with Coutinho, Suarez and either Downing/Sturridge up front, and rely on a strict 2 of Lucas and Gerrard come next season, the pace, speed, control and attack up front would be incredible, and we'd have to rely alot less on 3 mids trying to do 2 people's jobs.

      If Eriksen were to come, and the money is made available, then surely Jordan or Jonjo's days may be numbered.. I guess we'll wait and see, but much like when we heard about Suarez and it coming true, it's nice to know we're looking there again, and at this calibre of player with truth behind it.. For all Rodgers' ability at playing coy in certain areas, even he couldn't word his way out of it when forced to comment..

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      • I mentioned it to firstly be a little mischievous and stir things up a bit ;o) but secondly because Other than buying someone rather special I'm really not 100% sure what the answer is as far as our midfield goes. As far as I'm concerned it's a problem area and as I've said the root cause of many of our problems this season. We're far too open there at times. Allen for all his faults and the injury is one player I would say does not go missing, he does however get isolated. Now would you prefer someone who will stay in position and give you some kind of platform or a wanderer? Lucas for me is still a bit off and has one major weakness anyway. He gets bypassed very easily. I've seen numerous players just stroll past him with and without the ball on many occasions.

        To cut a long story short in my opinion our midfield is weaker than it needs to be and lacks something. I'm not sure what to be honest. None of the players in there, Gerrard included, do not fill me with confidence at times. We're prone to losing the ball at times when there's nobody home in midfield.

        If I had an answer Gerrard must stay deeper, he must stay at home not like he used to and we need something else to compliment him.