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  • colin colin Mar 29, 2013 20:48 Flag

    Rodgers' error that could have cost top 4..

    Jason... Loki addressed some questions to me and Ive replied to his post twice on this this thread each time its registered as posted and when I go "back to board" theres nothing there ??? R u experiencing similar problems with this board or is it just me btw this is the first time Ive experienced this particular problem... I detest this board format !

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    • I see Loki's questions, but I don't see a response from you Colin, just a series of responses from Sofa replying to himself, which I suppose resembles some memories of our old board format and normalcy.

      I understand they're trying to make things look more modern here, but the quality, style and manner in which we seem to be able to respond to each other, and track the order / consistency of the threads is pitiful. While you and I will never, ever agree on Andy Carroll, I know amongst many other things that we do agree on, this new format absolutely SUCKS!!!!!!!!

      I'd rather be posting on the 1993 format of internet even if it makes us dinosaurs because this space age #$%$ is really annoying and stupid. And who the hell cares about popularity of a thread, just show the last poster for god's sake!

      Yahoo, you will always walk alone here!!!!!!!