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    Won't be this time........but next year it looks inevitable......( Sorry , but lets speak the truth )

    The pieces are in place........the timing is right.........personally I'm gutted that we won't go top four and get into Europe this campaign. But try and stop us in 2014. As a lifelong fan I'm disappointed....as I'm sure all true Reds supporters are......but all signs point to a bright and positive next year.

    Doesn't mean I won't cheer my bloody head off for the reast of 2013...OK? Just that a bit more patience will be required. Don't give up the faith.


    Oh yeah , we will kick vills'a #$%$.......guaranteed !

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    • And we got the 3 points needed, Y.N.W.A. JFT 96

    • Provided Rodgers gets the bunce in the summer to buy 5 class players I agree with you.

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      • We do need to strengthen over the summer, but not sure we need 5 additional top players to be honest, or if that is actually realistic. First think that is a lot to integrate, and second, assuming no one wants to leave you've got to ask who will be sold on to make room for those extra players.

        Looking by position, seems to me RB is well covered, Johnson covered by Kelly and Wisdom. CB we know we are losing Cara, so at least one player who is ready to start, and possibly a second for back up (especially if Skrtel is moves on). At LB Jose could use some competition, but not a priority in my mind with Johnson as cover.

        I know you've advocated a big man/ball winner for the middle, and I assume you want a Yaya Tourie type. I'd agree with that, but my question is who leaves to make room. 3 starting spots (assuming a derivative of the 4-5-1 formation) covered by Stevie, Lucas, Henderson, Shelvey, & Allen. If we bring in another striker and or Sturridge makes the claim to lead the line, add Suarez in there as a possible player to take the slot behind the striker.

        Wide we have Coutinho, Sterling, Downing and Suso. Add into that mix if we play 3 across the front, Borini, and Suarez (if Sturridge or a new player leads the line). I know some have given up on Borini, but as I've said before I don't think we seen enough, and simple fact is I just don't see a player Rogers brought in from personal experience moved on until he's had at least half a season of injury free time to get a run at a place. Downing maybe asked to move on, but on the second half if this season form, I think he may keep his place (if he wants it) as a squad player (he can also cover LB)

        For out and out strikers we have Suarez and Sturridge, but I don't see us playing 2 up front very often, so while I'd go for one more, he's more likely only going to be back up unless he can also play wide or as an advanced midfielder.

        So by my count that's 2 maybe 3 top players who are ready to walk into or at least fight for a starting slot. One CB and one winger/striker (third is that central big man but think it means someone is moved on). That is not to say we don't need to bring others in. Anyone who does leave needs to be replaced with as good or better, but for me that is more about building out depth. But that is actually why I think this is going to be a very tricky summer transfer window for us, because simple fact is it’s hard enough to attract top players to be back up squad players, but without CL that becomes even more of a challenge.

      • Loki ..agree with u on the bunce bit but also have to add IF he gets the bunce AND stays away from buying anymore deadlegs off Swansea...if he goes back to them again for any of his ex players its going to start to look like in-breds at Anfield ! Cast the net wide !

    • I am giving up posting onthis board have tried five times to answer a particular post and no luck so end of the trail for me guys..if any of u know of a way to get through to Yahoo and complain would appreciate it if u do so on my behalf...its been fun over the yrs but this looks like some kind of deliberate sabotage..so Im out of here.

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