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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 1, 2013 18:04 Flag

    Moussa Sow: Come and get me!

    Any idea how long he has left on his current deal? I think that will be the main factor determining his price tag, and to be honest if Madrid are trying to get him to resign I assume he's into his last 18 months, meaning his transfer value is dropping. But I think the main barrier for us would be his salary. I read he's on about 4.5M Euro's at Madrid or about 75K a week sterling, which seems a bit low to me. So if he came on the market he could get offers from a host of clubs putting him above, and maybe well above 100K a week, and the question is would we be willing to match it? Or, would he be willing to sacrifice what is most likely his last big contract to come back to Anfield?

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    • His wages are around 90K.. BUT, he was quoted in saying to a friend, through a Spanish medium ( I can read it ) that he has no problem taking a wage reduction and is very keen to return to England. He played it coy about being Liverpool, and said one of those "in football anything can happen" meaning another club, but he's also said he (which we all know) is a LFC lover, raises his children to be Reds fans, and Scousers of sorts. I believe, and it can be found, he's getting close to his last 12 months.. I think it's up in 2014.. So, with Joselina going to Chelski, I cannot see Xabi wanting to follow there unlike his buddy #9, and if he feels the new manager isn't right, or the chance is there to come "home", I think it will become a very serious option.

      Rodgers has said he wants quality, not quantity, this summer, and even more so, he wants some experience. Pair the fact with Madrid probably (despite being corrupt) having to trim some pretty ridiculous wages, while still spending, and the big quoted rumor, which breaks my heart, is that they will pay around 60M Euros for Cavani this summer - per his father in Italian (translated for me by neighbor), making for several expendible players/wages.

      If we can get our main 3-4 top targets, and work a deal with cash left, Xabi is an absolutely real possibility.

      And regards to Sow.. 2 years ago he was at Lille who won the French Ligue in a squad that had Hazard, Cole and 1-2 others who left, and he had a choice of Liverpool and Fenerbache.. That's all you really need to know. His goal tally is good, but not for the competition and his age. If there was a player from Turkey that issued a "come and get me" that we really blew it on, but could still have, it's Arda Turan now at Atletico, open to a prem move. But regards to Sow, no for me, and instead let's have a go at Benteke! He is absolutely a star in the making and only 21 years old.. Plus he likes to score against us..

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      • I know what you're saying and I would prefer Benteke too but I'm thinking of the dosh it would cost him. Also, I'm very wary of buying players who've only done the business for one season. My idea of Sow is he'd make an excellent back up striker, would we play Benteke every week anyway?

        Ideally, we're gonna buy a striker, ACM, DCM, LB, 2 CBs and maybe another winger, a lot of money!

      • @ Loki, I can't reply to you because of this dogsh.it new board, so I'm responding to myself after reading yours..

        As for Benteke, I've been hearing stateside that Chelsea are super interested, as are Spuds and perhaps Arsenal. He seems to fit the Chelsea profile, but keep in mind he's only 21, and has 18 goals in all comp in England.. I'd be stunned if he didn't continue to grow.. just look at his fellow Belgian and younger 19 y/o Lukaku on loan at West Brom.. on his day he can be unplayable too, and not only are they big, they're so technically gifted and quite fast for that size. If Villa go down, they won't have many chips to play, so 10-12 could be feasible, and to be honest, I would have no problem with him going ahead of Sturridge.. I like Danny but only OK, he's not my favorite and seems a home run, or a bust when he plays, and he's a bit selfish like Suarez, only not as good, and his come off as bad mistakes where Suarez come off as missed magic. Figure the amount of space Benteke could create for Suarez, and actually keep up his pace of play with his own speed.

        I know ideally he'll want to be a striker so it's not a match made in heaven, but who knows.. Thing with Sow is, we ignored his pleas 2 years ago, and his scoring record is good, but he's not a player with great fluidity or pace, so unless he's happey to be a sub player (seems unlikely) I think we should and will look elsewhere. To be honest, it takes a particular player to accept that role, and I think we could ok with an experienced, non big name player who can score and fill that role happily when called on.. a Grant Holt, or Ricky Lambert come to mind.. Lambert on 15 goals, leading Englishman in the lead, and Holt always good for a goal when needed.

        End of the day, we're in for Ashley Williams, probably another.. Skrtel's agent said no move or deal as of now, but will review at the end of the year, so if he's fit and not selected of Carra, especially vs Benteke, then he's all but gone along with Coates. So 2 CBs, for the price of 1.. Then I think we should look at Wanyama from Celtic or Nemanja Matic of Benfica for big, young, physical and gifted midfielders who are young enough to develop greatly and accept a rotational role. I think we'll be chips in for Eriksen, and I'm willing to be as bold as to say we're 100% after him, and 51% likely to make it happen (I'll say more this summer), and then Ince for depth/competition for Downing, who is absolutely not going..

        From there, maybe 1 more wide player/rotational player, and we'll have Allen back, Borini at least a chance to fight in pre-season, Yesil returning from a knee injury, Adorjan about ready to burst into the first team with Suso, Sterling, Jonjo, Coady all having developed even more.. So aside from Left Back, I'm not even sure how much more we need to add, rather than cultivate, develop and create stronger mentality / cohesion and fighting spirit. Afterall, as it stands, we're on 5 wins in 6, with West Ham at home and Reading away.. I hate looking ahead, but those are another 6 points we should take, making 7 wins in 8..

        We look to be a rising player peaking at the right time and ending the season with all the momentum in the world for next season where I think more than top 4 is a target..

      • It's a good suggestion for Lambert Jase, he's a Liverpool fan too so he would fight for every ball. You said something about Xabi though which surprised me. You said he wasn't a monster. Personally I think he's one of the best in the world. His technical ability and tactical awareness is second to none! I thought he was the best player at the Euros last year and his passing is at least as good as Stevies. In other words he would be a tremendous asset to the boys and he could help Allen in particular improve his game.