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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 2, 2013 13:44 Flag

    Our Form since December

    I'll disagree with you slightly here by saying the entire season is one of transition and not just the first half. I say this because while we have improved over the 2 halves of the season I still see consistency issues we've suffered in the second half such as the loss to Oldham, the inability to hold leads like against City, or fluffing our lines like we did against Southampton, and I honestly worried we might of in the first half on Sunday.

    I say this not to have a go at the team or BR, but for 2 reasons. First to set expectations, as we are not nearly the finished project BR has been working on, and second because I do think there is still more we can get out of the squad we have before even thinking about needing to add millions of pounds worth of new players.

    That is not to say I don't want or think we don't need reinforcements this summer, but it is to say I think we're extremely close to top 4 form with the squad we have, which is what I think is what tauseef's stats show. Therefore while I know we're all working on our summer wish list, I think we start with replacing with as good or better any player who leaves (Cara is the obvious) keep pace or surpass improvements made by our current direct competitors for top 4 (Spurs, Arsenal, Everton, and Chelsea), adding top quality in a couple key areas, and then building out more quality depth in the squad.

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    • Colin, defensively on the set pieces I agree with you, but not in the fact that everything is laid at the manager's door step. I'm sure he knows well enough as we do, what the situation is back there, and if you consider we have last year's player of the year, Skrtel, our most physically and aerial gifted defender and player, along with a 6'6 Coates, and neither is getting ahead of a 35 year old, declining and short Carragher, says he's a bit hamstrung with out much other options.. Agger is not a good man marker and not physical.. Rodgers had said from day 1 his priority was to add people in the final third, and we are the 3rd highest scoring team in the prem.

      Going forward on attacking set pieces, aside from Agger, and occasionally Suarez who finds the right spot to sneak in, we are severely missing Skrtel who attacks the ball like a monster, so again, with a shorter and terribly inept jumper in Carra, we're limited there as well. The good thing and importance is that we are winning alot of corners, and that will continue to improve next year, and when we have added 2 CBs and a strong/powerful mifielder, along with another rotatational striker, that will only get better..

      Sometimes you can only tell someone to do something, and how to do something so many times, and if they still don't or can't, you need to find other options. Rodgers can't reinvent tthe wheel, so overall I agree with you that we lack there, but he really had 1 window to really work with, January, and he got it spot on with Sturridge and Coutinho, and for years and years when United have not been strong defensively, often times quite leaky up until recently, their best form of defense was attack. Yes I want us to be stout as a rock back there, but at the same time, as we continue to evolve up front, 3/4-0 leads more often, will allow us to sit back, counter and absorb pressure leading to bigger wins.. Even 2-0 leads, where we've been prone to drop.

      Simply put, this summer he needs to sort out Skrtel, rid of Coates and bring in 2 CBs, one of which will inevitably be Ashley Williams, who is nobody's favorite, but a tall, strong and experienced body, who ranks highly in blocked shots.. no thanks to Lescott please.