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  • colin colin Apr 3, 2013 13:14 Flag

    Our Form since December

    Colyn..100% agree with u we are FAR from the finished item. As u say which players out is becoming a more difficult decision as they are now not so easy to identify, logical as they will see their own jobs suddenly on the line and will up their game towards end of season.Think this is where BR has to really come into his own and do HIS JOB. Its his job to out any malingerers, he must surely know who they are or hes not doing his job. He has daily contact with these players so he should know. I also tend to think there exists an undercurrent of bad attitude and a culture of lazyness that seems to have infected the squad this season and this kind of thing can usually be traced back to 2 or3 players who consistently show such traits...these are the players we need to root out and get rid of before next season kicks off or we will be aware of this same problem again simmering away just under the surface; I think its what has led to so much inconsistency this season.

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    • Colin, care to point out who you think those malingerers are? I'm not saying you’re wrong that we don't have some players who it would be better to move on for the sake of the entire squad, but to be honest I have seen an improvement in terms of effort by players this season over the last several seasons.

      I posted this earlier, but I do think, and do agree with Colyn that there has been some coasting by players in recent seasons. For me this started under Rafa in his last couple season with a number of players brought in on wages more based on what they'd done in the past than what they could do for us in the present. It continued and maybe accelerated under Hodgson, and while in a number of cases I think KK tried to address this issue (loaning out Cole for example) I do think it’s fair to say BR has been proactive on this front and called out publically those who he thinks are not putting in total effort.

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      • WILLIAMS...NO THANKYOU...no matter who he plays for right now. CHRIS SAMBA ..yes please. BR track record with purchases of ex players hes managed at Swansea Allen (potentially a bust) 15 mill Borini (no comment) 10 and a half mill...Please lets stay away from Williams ! Dont think I want to comment on who I think might be malingerers but come end of season we will all know pretty quickly I think...

      • Good to see we're in agreement here guys. I also think it goes way back and Rodgers tactics / formations have exposed the problem and it's a bigger issue than previously. Rodgers himself hinted at something and to me there's a number of players that have almost fallen off the radar. Suso for example.

        My comment on the outs being more difficult comes from twop areas. Firstly those that Rodgers feels have let him down or cant achieve what he wants and secondly and more interesting are those that will make way for replacements who are supposed to take you to the next level. At the moment we have a squad good enough for X. We obviously want X+Y

      • Dstter_lfc agreed with you that our past managers bought the players considering the reputation of players and not as per our tactics or style of play. KK did the job differently but TBH he bought in-form players rather than class and result is in front of us. These players never recover after blip in their form though Downie & Hendo lately improved a lot. Still, what a mess of 70 milion for the likes of AC, Hendo & Downing (I think these three combined should not be valued for more than 30 milion)

        What I like about BR is that he knows what sort of players he need and he is buying players with patience and do not make any rush to buy silly players at inflated price. True, it cost him a striker because of this in the beginning of the season, but still he managed to implement his tiki-taka football and with the inclusion of DS & Coutinho we are getting the results. In summer also I believe BR will go for 3 players only but with those players, I still believe we will defo be in CL in 14-15.

        Regarding our first half of the season, we were short of a striker and hence could not convert ample chances, that resulted in so many draw games which we should have won with current inclusion.

        Before December P14 W3 L4 D7
        After December P17 W10 L5 D2

        Because we were short of a striker at the start, we had as many as 7 draw in 14 games. But afterwards we are doing better than expected.