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  • colin colin Apr 2, 2013 17:54 Flag

    Good Article / Read - Rodgers Man Management

    Jason...used to enjoy u posts,view from the other side of the pond and all that but this is starting to get old mate. Think we all know u a big fan of BR but this must be at least the third or fourth time u have posted up these same exact views ? Go ahead and be the founder member of a new IRWT BRIGADE only in this case the R doesnt stand for Rafa it stands for Rogers...the thing is we won ugly at Villa over the weekend but great I will take that any day and the 3pts over the shambolic performance at Southampton previous week indeed it was the most spineless performance Ive ever witnessed from a Liverpool side in over 55yrs of supporting the club...so where were all these transformed by BR tongue lashing heroes at St Mary's...we could easily have ended up with a club record score defeat it was a t one point looking like it might turn into a total rout ! This while u hero moped about on the touchline...so much for inspiration ! Its his job to make sure things like this never happen,yes we will lose now and again but its not the losing its the manner in which u lose!
    BR has done some good things and some bad things since he arrived and I think rather than forever devoting posts to singing the mans praises its best to be realistic about him as he continues to make on the job mistakes hes NOT a journeyman manager far from it imo and we must wait ttill this time next yr after hopefully the owners back him with some more cash to strengthen the squad and see if we are in the mix for a top 4 spot cos if we aint its EXIT door time for him Im afraid...so Im hoping hedoesnt go back to his old club paying yet more exhorbitant nay extortionate fees for deadlegs like his fave son Allen and Borini....forget Swansea and cast the net wide !

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