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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 3, 2013 14:19 Flag

    Good Article / Read - Rodgers Man Management

    I think you have a point. While at times in the past we've been up for big games, there has to often been a tendency of some players to excel to mediocrity. It's almost as if some players think, "Okay, I've made it to a big club now I don't have to prove anything anymore" so they start to coast. I'm not saying all players do this, but I can think of a few who maybe lived off more of their reputations.

    I'm not sure that was the issue at Southampton because I think we've seen a shift away from that this season. Whether its harsh talks to players like Downing, that LFC is no rest home for the veteran player, or the fact almost anyone can and has been dropped for the next 19 year old pushing for a place, I think things are changing. However I've also seen a number of times when we've just not come out of the blocks, it’s usually after a particularly good game, or run of games, so maybe there is more work for the club psychologist on that "resting on ones laurels" issue.

    Just a quick point back to Colin, think it’s a bit harsh to call out Jason as you have here. Yes Jason does tend to post the praises of BR more often than not, but I've also seen him critical at times, so think he's trying to call it as he sees it (but of course we all see it through our own subjective point of view). Besides, in all fairness, while BR has been far from perfect this season, considering this is obviously a transitional season, with a new manager, a number of new faces in the first team, and a real emphasis on giving the younger players a chance, it’s a bit hard to expect perfection, however he has got it right more often than he’s' got it wrong. I mean, as you say you can't expect to win every match, no matter how good a side you've got, and while we obviously are disappointed by losses to the likes of Southampton and Villa earlier in the season, considering the defending champions, with a well-established manager, and the most expensive squad in the league also fell to the Saints, and the likes of Sunderland, I'm not sure we have too much to complain about.

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    • I agree with all of that Dave. Colin says we are all in the 'IRWT' brigade but I don't think it's like that. We are just sick of chopping and changing managers every 5 minutes and want to give Brendan at least 2 seasons to see how his ideas pan out. Even Aldo says in the Echo we are playing the best football for 25 years.

      What I feel about Colin and Armchair is they waited to pounce on any mistake or poor display to say he's not suitable as our manager. He gets blamed for individual mistakes, how could you blame the manager for Skrtels back pass in the City game etc? What they don't realise is that he is trying to change a mentality that has been ingrained through years of league mediocrity and that won't happen overnight. So we will sometimes be poor like the Soton game, but it doesn't mean anything in the bigger picture. Next season will be the one, I think we may surprise some people!

    • Colin,
      While I am a fan of BR, I am not blind as you put it, and do not have blind faith in the guy like you say, so I wish you wouldn't label me as such, particularly after just a few days ago I started the thread where I said his decisions to continue to select Allen after hearing all the facts on the shoulder could have legitimately cost us an opportunity at a few more wins and points, and maybe a top 4 spot.. I didn't get any praise from you there, so I don't see why you have to be so harsh on me here and label me as something as I see it, especially when everyone has their own views and bangs on their own drums as they please.

      I mean you continue to harp on the St Marys result and say how it could have been the worst result in LFC history, only it wasn't and it's gone. And btw, while I don't accept that result and thought it was awful, they beat Man City 3-1 and Chelsea 2-1 at St Marys, also led Man United 2-0 and took a 1-0 lead at Old Trafford, so while they sit quite low, they've been the toughest of this years lot to climb into the prem .. I'm sure you'll be talking more about Andy Carroll along the way as well, and I don't criticize you for that either, I debate, but don't label you.

      Like Dave says, I label things as I see them personally. I think we both actually agree that Rodgers has got things wrong, and has got them right too. For me, when considering all things, he has gotten more right than wrong, but his wrongs seem to draw far more attention, rather than his rights. Like you say, his faith and belief in our youth has been priceless.. By next season, Sterling, Wisdom, Suso and maybe whoever's next, could be brilliant players in a campaign where I expect us to be more than just a top 4 contender..

      My main point here was, A- I don't understand the difference, and maybe its cultural, for managers to use the tactics he has in calling players out in public because it's every day common practice in American sport, and B- I thought he deserves a little credit for it, especially when the players who were at the wrath of his tongue have actually said publically that it helped them and they're actually thankful for it and loving their football. If someone told us that Downing would be indespensible at the end of this year, we'd laugh out of our chair, and aside from being asked to take a wage decrease, he won't be going anywhere.. Same for Jordan too.

      Sorry if you think I'm saying the same things over, but I'm really not and if nobody is going to point out some things that are good, then I'm going to do it, and again I have at many times criticized him as well, so please don't label me as blind or thinking of him as a messiah, because there would be many who could be accused of the same with fact in regards to Rafa, and even Kenny. I'm positive and in BR's corner, but that doesn't mean I won't turn on him, like I did in my Allen / Costly top 4 post.. would you say that's fair?

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      • Jason I think u posts are fair, generally. I as i say think BR has implemented some neeeded changes at the club but I think the man is a very poor motivator every time I see him on the sideline he seems to be moping about. I just dont see him as an inspiring manager at all. Ive listened to interviews with him and found myself going to sleep he must be the worst public speaker of all the managers in the Prem. Of course Im not a member of the squad and the way he deals with them may be in some way inspiring...but dont ask me what way that might be Im clueless there.
        I think since Bill Shankly's time there has been this tendency to deify our managers perhaps some merited such adoration certainly Shanks did and Bob Paisley Joe Fagan and Kenny but since this time we havent seen the same quality of manager Souness, Roy Evans Houllier Benitez Hodgson and now Rogers...Rogers may indeed be the best ..of a bad lot. I want dearly to be proved wrong in my assessment of his abilities and am certainly willing to wait till end of next season to see if he can deliver but have to say I dont possess the "faith" that some seem to have in him to do so. I think it quite wildly optimistic to think that next season will be any better than this season. However if and its a big IF the club owners step up tothe plate (excuse the pun Jason) and make sure we hang on to Louis Suarez and then buy in to build theteam around his and Gerrards abilities along with what looks to be a star in the making Couhtino then if those buys are ALL good ones and integrate into the system quickly who knows just maybe we could capture that top 4 slot but there are for me a lot of IF's.