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    Good Article / Read - Rodgers Man Management

    This is something that was a huge theme here earlier in the season with alot of complaining, criticism and borderline whining to where you had to think "would you like some cheese with your whine"?.. I have continued to bang on this drum a bit, but it never seems to gain any legs, only in a negative light and lumped in when things and the chips were down, and also as if it was the most taboo and evil thing done.. Maybe because I'm American and I'm used to this type of behavior and conduct in our sports, which often equals only 1 thing.. a reaction/success..

    Rodgers was left out to slaughter for his "man management" or percieved "falling out" with them, by sayng things to them directly, and having it gone public, yet I have to say, and feel free to correct me, each specific name and incident I'm about to refer to, has resulted in positives rather than negatives.

    Mel's Post "Sterling vs Rodgers" ... Hmm.. not really sure it was ever a debate or competition, but if it was, who won that one? If I remember correctly Rodgers said he was a young boy who would get what was a fair contract for a player of his age/eligibility and in time, get another.. Ironically, what happened? Win, Rodgers..

    Jose Enrique - Came out and said he was absolutely furious with BR for calling him out in public and switching Glen / Downing over to his position even when semi fit.. What's happened since? Enrique an absolute revelation and has come out and said that public talking to was a kick up the back side and made him so angry that he realized it helped him, has made him a better player and is thrilled with his football..

    And Downing.. which leads me to the point of my post and this really good read below. So the next time Rodgers says something, which to be honest, tenure and experience aside, isn't so different from things we've heard Fergie, Maureeno, even Rafa say and do, and their players (Rafa aside) would run through a brick wall for them, while rising to the occasion, so realize those traits aside, he's not doing anything different. He sure as hell is no "yes man", and if he feels a player needs a right talking to, and to be honest and direct with them, and you don't like it, it does not mean he's wrong or mid table manager, or treating players terribly, because to be quite honest, he's done it to Sterling, Enrique, Downing, Skrtel, Shelvey and some others when used in cup/Europa matches.. These aren't little boys, and this isn't play time... this is business and they need to be told when they're not working hard enough and their job is on the line.. I've never heard Fergie do it and then hear a player cry and ask to leave, nor a United fan slate him, and yes I know the difference in tenure and accolades, but hopefully point taken in the way of actions / dealing with "man management". Afterall, look at the mess at Cheslea last year with a young manager who tried to do things differently but tried to speak too much around the topics and in a political sense, in AVB. Wouldn't you want a manager to come in and show his authority and demands regardless of the age, or rather have a club of players walk all over them, similarly to that which seems to happen routinely at Stamford Bridge by Terry and Co..


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    • Jason...used to enjoy u posts,view from the other side of the pond and all that but this is starting to get old mate. Think we all know u a big fan of BR but this must be at least the third or fourth time u have posted up these same exact views ? Go ahead and be the founder member of a new IRWT BRIGADE only in this case the R doesnt stand for Rafa it stands for Rogers...the thing is we won ugly at Villa over the weekend but great I will take that any day and the 3pts over the shambolic performance at Southampton previous week indeed it was the most spineless performance Ive ever witnessed from a Liverpool side in over 55yrs of supporting the club...so where were all these transformed by BR tongue lashing heroes at St Mary's...we could easily have ended up with a club record score defeat it was a t one point looking like it might turn into a total rout ! This while u hero moped about on the touchline...so much for inspiration ! Its his job to make sure things like this never happen,yes we will lose now and again but its not the losing its the manner in which u lose!
      BR has done some good things and some bad things since he arrived and I think rather than forever devoting posts to singing the mans praises its best to be realistic about him as he continues to make on the job mistakes hes NOT a journeyman manager far from it imo and we must wait ttill this time next yr after hopefully the owners back him with some more cash to strengthen the squad and see if we are in the mix for a top 4 spot cos if we aint its EXIT door time for him Im afraid...so Im hoping hedoesnt go back to his old club paying yet more exhorbitant nay extortionate fees for deadlegs like his fave son Allen and Borini....forget Swansea and cast the net wide !

    • Give Downing his credit he has certainly uped his game this second half of the season. However, looking deeper and under the article to me it hints at what has been a problem at Liverpool for some time. Perhaps I'm looking into things too much. But it bubbled over at Southampton but to me there is a lazy under current / bad attitude somewhere in the club. Rodgers is aware of it and it needs to be stamped out.

      To me the article hints at Downing being too comfortable and being kicked out of his slumber. There's still plenty that need that kick I think.

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      • I think you have a point. While at times in the past we've been up for big games, there has to often been a tendency of some players to excel to mediocrity. It's almost as if some players think, "Okay, I've made it to a big club now I don't have to prove anything anymore" so they start to coast. I'm not saying all players do this, but I can think of a few who maybe lived off more of their reputations.

        I'm not sure that was the issue at Southampton because I think we've seen a shift away from that this season. Whether its harsh talks to players like Downing, that LFC is no rest home for the veteran player, or the fact almost anyone can and has been dropped for the next 19 year old pushing for a place, I think things are changing. However I've also seen a number of times when we've just not come out of the blocks, it’s usually after a particularly good game, or run of games, so maybe there is more work for the club psychologist on that "resting on ones laurels" issue.

        Just a quick point back to Colin, think it’s a bit harsh to call out Jason as you have here. Yes Jason does tend to post the praises of BR more often than not, but I've also seen him critical at times, so think he's trying to call it as he sees it (but of course we all see it through our own subjective point of view). Besides, in all fairness, while BR has been far from perfect this season, considering this is obviously a transitional season, with a new manager, a number of new faces in the first team, and a real emphasis on giving the younger players a chance, it’s a bit hard to expect perfection, however he has got it right more often than he’s' got it wrong. I mean, as you say you can't expect to win every match, no matter how good a side you've got, and while we obviously are disappointed by losses to the likes of Southampton and Villa earlier in the season, considering the defending champions, with a well-established manager, and the most expensive squad in the league also fell to the Saints, and the likes of Sunderland, I'm not sure we have too much to complain about.

    • Agree with it all, don't know how anyone can not. IRWT Brigade being quoted is completely irrelevant. I didn't think we 'won ugly' at Villa either, more passes, more possesion, twice as many shots, whats ugly about that and from a goal behind? I like Colin and Jason's posts mostly and the debate of differing opinions is the whole point of forums but it is a bit weird that the gaffer is entitled to no credit when we win but gets it in the ear when we dont. We are already a better league side then we were under Kenny and certainly better then under Hodgson so what's the problem? To have caught up and finished in the top 4 would have been great but from where we were earlier in the season with no players, we would have had to off been much, much better then Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, that was a big ask.

    • Jose Enrique - Came out.... I didn't know he was gay lol..