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  • Hobitez Hobitez Apr 4, 2013 16:27 Flag

    Season over Season Perspective

    I said it at the start and will say it again, with the way BR got stitched up in the summer window, if we were to match last seasons results, it would have been acceptable, anything else would be progress. There has been plenty of disapointments in terms of results as well as the strange decline in Martin Skrtel but on the whole I am happy we have blooded so many youngsters, become more attacking and at the end of the day, the table does not lie. It sadly is 'the hope that kills you' in that everytime we started a run we felt the top 4 would become achievable so that every time we would then flop it felt like a disaster. Even now I am thinking we should win the next 7 games but it just isn't going to happen. The first batch of transfers have proved average, Assaidi seems pointless but doubt he will lose any value, Borini I feel is awful and Allen has been all over the place but deserves another shot. Coutinho and Sturridge have been excellent so if we can make 3 additions like that this summer then we have a shout for sure. Nobody can argue with how Downing, Henderson and Enrique have been turned around or how Stevie G has become iron man. I would say I am satisfied with the season but not ecstatic, the acid test will be what happens next year, the top 4 should become a near on axe swinging target.