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  • colin colin Apr 4, 2013 13:59 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Yes Kelly( if fully fit) is in every way every bit as good as Williams so why does BR have to go back to what he sees as his "well of ex players" hes managed and buy yet another making four in total, none of the other three hes bought in have yet proven their worth for me . Wisdom too I would certainly consider starting at centreback before this Williams being bought...however I sense that the Williams thing is already a done deal but if hes so good how come Laudrup would let such a crucial piece of the spine of his team leave ?...Unless it was once again LFC paying "silly money" for someone just not worth that kind of fee. Clearly Laudrup is saying that there are far better players than his current starting centre back Williams out there and with the silly money we will have to give him for Williams ( he knows theres nobody out there who would offer same money for him as his ex manger) he will go out and purchase someone he KNOWS to be better. For these reasons I think it far better that BR resolves to say "Enough with these Swansea players !" And lets cast the net wide.

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    • If Williams is so good then why haven't Chelsea, Man Ure & Man City gone for him?

    • Colin, Autelio, yes Kelly is as good as anyone mentioned, but the most important aspect of any player coming in at centre back is someone who is vocal (well not the most important, but a player coming in must have that). Kelly is not vocal and not an organiser in the way Carra is and to a large extent, Williams. People go on about his age and himbeing mid table, we werent thinking of that with Gary Mac where we, and look at the effect he had on the team?! Maybe now Carra is going someone will take on that mantle at the back, but I doubt it!

    • Colin, I really don't understand why you are so opposed to players coming from a particular club. It seems your saying no to Williams because he's from Swansea and has been coached before by BR. In the past you've said the same thing about players from Roma because you feel we've been burnt by the likes of Borini and Aqua. But the argument would seem more emotional than logical as it would be logical to assume as both clubs do well, that there players aren't bad either. In fact in the case of Swansea it would be a fair assumption that the coach who actually established them as a prem team would know better than most which players are the pick of the litter.

      But, as I've said on another post, where a player comes from should not matter. The only questions are is a player good enough, and does he make us better. If those two boxes are ticked, and the price is right I don't care where the player comes from. That does not mean we should buy Williams just because the gaffer knows him, although the inside knowledge BR has (and a number of his backroom staff by the way who also came to us from Swansea) maybe worth a dozen or more scouting trips to watch a player in a foreign league to work out if he's good enough or not, but it does mean we should not discount him just because he plays for our managers previous employer.