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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 4, 2013 18:07 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Williams does seem to have some momentum behind him when it comes to the rumor mill, but I think it better to step back and think about what we are after rather than come up with a list of names and asking who fits.

    Seems to me the two reasons that Cara has seen so much playing time recently is down to his form which has been like an Indian summer, but also because he brings something beyond just talent to the party. I mean let’s be honest, and some on here have not been shy about giving him stick in the past, Cara is not the ideal player anymore, he's slow and lost what little pace he might have once had, he's not great in the air, and rarely a threat with the noggin offensively, and he's not what most would consider a cultured ball playing at his feet footballer, but why has he become a starter again?

    For me the simple answer is he's a leader. He knows the game, he knows the system, he organizes those around him, and not just because he screams his head off (yes he's vocal) people actually listen and follow him.

    For me that is what we're looking for, and so long as they meet minimum (hopefully exceed) requirements in terms of footballing ability its who we should be considering, and since Williams seems to tick many of those boxes even if he's not a big established name, I think that is why his name keeps coming up.

    There may be a case for others, and to be honest as I don't follow much football outside the prem I can't comment on some of the players mentioned in this thread. However if they are being mentioned because they are good defenders, or good footballers that maybe only half of what is required, and not even the most important half, unless they are also leaders. Same applies to the lads mentioned already with us. I have a lot of time for Kelly and Wisdom, both good footballers I expect a lot from over time, but are they leaders? Put it this way if we were just looking for a good defender, why are we not seeing the combination of Agger and Skrtel more often? Both are very good defenders, both can get the job done; but neither is a general which is what we need.

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    • Dave agree with u Carra brings leadership in spades...look at that debacle at St Mary's when he wasnt available ! Too many of our younger players NEED that kind of leadership out there and when it isnt there it seems ..neither are they. For me CB is such a crucial role in the spine of the team that u just cant afford to make an expensive mistake the way perhaps u could with a wide front man. I dont feel Williams credentials are adequate the" best buy by far that has been made during BR's tenure isnt a player hes managed previously imo ..and that is Coutinho a true flair player 8 mill as opposed to Borini 10 and a half mill and Allen 15 mill and Sturridge 12 mill. Please consider just why Laudrup would be willing to let the heart of the spine of his team go ?