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  • colin colin Apr 4, 2013 22:19 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Dave agree with u Carra brings leadership in spades...look at that debacle at St Mary's when he wasnt available ! Too many of our younger players NEED that kind of leadership out there and when it isnt there it seems ..neither are they. For me CB is such a crucial role in the spine of the team that u just cant afford to make an expensive mistake the way perhaps u could with a wide front man. I dont feel Williams credentials are adequate the" best buy by far that has been made during BR's tenure isnt a player hes managed previously imo ..and that is Coutinho a true flair player 8 mill as opposed to Borini 10 and a half mill and Allen 15 mill and Sturridge 12 mill. Please consider just why Laudrup would be willing to let the heart of the spine of his team go ?