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  • colin colin Apr 5, 2013 14:31 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Nobody seems to have addressed the point I made of just "Why does Laudrup seem so ready to let Rogers poach the heart of the spine of his team Ashley Williams ? For me its clear..he intends to con us into paying over the odds for this player as he knows there is nobody else as interested as Rogers and hes sussed that Rogers desire to sign yet another of his ex players is very strong in other words the supply meets the demand and once again we pay Swansea well over the odds for a player whos CV doesnt warrant it. Then...Laudrup uses the dosh hes just made to goout and buy someone he knows to be a far better player than the one he just sold. Stay away from Swansea and take a good look around for someone with the experience physique and authority to get the job done for us.

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    • Colin I’m not sure I see where you’re going with the "why would Landrup sell" statement, because surely the same could be said of every single player in professional football. If the buying club started doubting their own scouting reports, judgment and rating of players just because when they express an interest they find the selling club actually might be open to a transfer, then where would we be?

      Secondly, how much control do you really think managers have over which players leave in the next transfer window? Yes technically any player under contract can be held to that contract, (look at the lad from West Brom enjoying the sightseeing in West London in January!) but you know as well as I do, 9 times out of ten if a player wants out, the selling club is going to do its best to get the most cash they can, but they'll let the lad leave, whether they rate him or not.

      I have no idea what wages Williams is on, or how long he's got in his current deal, but the power of the player goes up exponentially as the contract winds down, and even more so for clubs who cannot afford to match wages offered by bigger clubs.

      I'm still on the fence of whether Williams is the right player for us. I can see a number of attributes that put him in the frame, but I would agree there are question marks on whether he’s the best we can get. However what I am sure about is the fact that he comes from Swansea does not disqualify him for me, and just because his manager (actually his club) might be willing to sell him also does not ring alarm bells for me, because any player we do actually bring in will also come from a club where obviously they've decided they don't mind selling us a player.

    • Hi Colin

      I'm in the "very unsure" camp about Williams myself but don't see the logic you are using. I mean that couldn't you level the "why would they let him go if he was so good" at any player we buy if not out of contract?