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  • colin colin Apr 6, 2013 14:57 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Loki..simple answer mate cos hes got his eye on someone better than Williams he wants tobring in and KNOWS Rogers is the only guy he can con sufficient money out of for Williams that would afford him the cash to bring in that better player.

    • Colin, the whole Williams story is paper talk: Speculation. Therefore unless you have some inside knowledge why do you assume its first real, second that it’s Landrup who is trying to manufacture this move. Why could it not be Williams who fancies a shot at a bigger club?

      I don't know if this Williams story has legs or not, so at this point is seems all we can do is look to see if he's a possibility or not, which means asking does he tick the right boxes or not. Some have said yes, I personally don't know, but would not rule him out. However just because he's from the gaffers former club, or there must be some conspiracy to sell a crooked player for an inflated price, would suggest an awful lot of reading between the imaginary lines.