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  • colin colin Apr 7, 2013 13:27 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Colyn...read yesterday quite an extensive article on a RCB who plays for a Brazilian club side hes been voted player of the yr by his clubs fans and is evidently thought of very highly in Brazil and a shoe in for RCB for the national side sorry cant remember the guys name it was in the football news on this thing here yesterday...think it might have been Gremio he plays for I think his name is DEDE but not sure check it out his club are in need of money and will sell but the price was 15 mill Euros...Arsenal have been watching him and evidently so have we ...he certainly sounds like a far better prospect than another Swansea deadleg but watch lay odds Rogers goes back to the Swansea well of ex players hes managed and gives close to double 15 mill euros for Williams and Arsenal take this guy DEDE who sounds like a very exciting and VERY competent player.

    • Colin - so you're recommending we buy a guy who can't speak English and expect him to be the teams general? I have no problem with us buying a foreign centre back be ause I suspect we'll need 2 anyway, but one of then must be a fluent speaker and he must be more vocal than the goddam birds that wake me up at 6 every morning! I just don't get how you don't realise with Carra going how crucial this aspect is going to be next season. It is not just ability that we need to be looking at - that's why for me Williams ticks those boxes.

    • Looks like we've missed out on Dede, there are a few sites saying he has gone to another Brazilian club for under 5mil. I guess he probably wants to stay in Brazil until after the world cup ala Neymar.