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  • Loki Loki Apr 8, 2013 17:34 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Colin, yes the lad could learn all the English he needs in 3 months. That was a secondary point however. I am talking about immediately being able to command the respect of team-mates. Team mates around him who would learn Very quickly that they will get butt_f*cked if they make mistakes. I am talking about a Souness, a Keane - that type of attitude. I couldn't care if you had read an Encyclopaedia Brittanica sized dossier on Dede, if you haven't seen him play, his name might as well be Doodoo!

    What's funny as well is that you are advocating a player brought up in the Brazilian way of slow passing then all of a sudden BAM! They've got you -ie the type of footy Brendan has brought. Personally I want a no-nonsense take no prisoners type of players who can also play a bit and tear his team-mates to shreds if they balls up or not organise themselves the way he wants them to. Agger can bring the ball out from the back if that's required. We dont need another ball player, we need another Rommel there!

    Who is going to be our commander at the back? I guarantee you it won't be this kid your talking about!