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  • colin colin Apr 8, 2013 18:54 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Loki Dave...if Suarez could NOT speak english would u rather Kenny hadnt bought him ? I think Loki u are displaying an illogical prejuidice against even considering this lad DEDE as a new centre back its as much a prejuidice against as u seem to think Im biased for...all Im saying is he SOUNDS like hot stuff. I havent seen him play but to be absolutely honest Ive only seen Chris Samba play once this season too but Ive read enough good reports on him to prefer him over Williams who I have seen play a few times this season and I dont rate him. Think about it Rogers will pay more than anybody else to buy him as hes worked with him before and therefore he thinks it makes his own job easier when he has a former player who he thinks understands what his requirements are but Borini and Allen were both former players and imo both are dead legs neither worth a fraction of what was paid forthem.

    • Colin, I have never once asked for a native English speaker, just somebody who can communicate effectively enough to command and organise the troops. I have no prejudice against Dede, I have no opinion of him because I haven't seen him for myself. If we bought him I would give him 100% support - for 2 seasons at least!

    • Colin, I think it’s apples and oranges to compare Suarez and any potential candidate to replace Carra. It's helpful that our striker speaks English at least to a level that he can communicate with his teammates; however whoever comes in to anchor our backline and be a leader needs to be able to communicate fluently from day one. Besides, while Suarez did not speak much English as I understand it when he came in, and even now prefers not to speak English to the press, he became near fluent in Dutch when in Holland, so it’s a fair assumption he could pick up enough English to get by.

      As for Williams vs. Samba, I'm open to this. Samba I don't think would be a bad option, although think age is against him. Being 29 I don't think should rule him out as I'd say he has at least 3 maybe more years in him, but with the FSG policy not sure they'd go for him, especially as he'd not come cheap as he just joined QPR in January.

      However I think you may have changed your rational on Williams. If it’s that you rate him less than Samba or any other candidate I understand, but in the past you seem to not want him because he comes from Swansea and or played for BR in the past, which I find illogical. As for BR being more likely to pay more for him than any other manager, I just don't understand how you come to this conclusion. Other managers may value him less, but then again some may value him higher, but I think the most logical conclusion is that BR is the one most likely to know his true market value as he has more direct knowledge and experience with the player to know what he's really worth.

    • Loki...The Brazilian way was "samba soccer" a la the great side of 1970 the finest team Ive ever seen inc thecurrent Barca side. The ball constantly moving forward every player more than capable of "showing the ball" and taking it past a man or two to render blanket defense strategy helpless. Recent Brazilian national sides are a pale shadow of this all time great side even the winning side of World Cup 94 couldnt compare. BUT...generally Brazilians emphasis is on ball skills and yes the build up is slower but they can be explosive in the final third unlike us who are almost totally reliant on Louis to make something happen for us ?