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  • colin colin Apr 8, 2013 19:00 Flag

    The Ashley Williams debate

    Loki...The Brazilian way was "samba soccer" a la the great side of 1970 the finest team Ive ever seen inc thecurrent Barca side. The ball constantly moving forward every player more than capable of "showing the ball" and taking it past a man or two to render blanket defense strategy helpless. Recent Brazilian national sides are a pale shadow of this all time great side even the winning side of World Cup 94 couldnt compare. BUT...generally Brazilians emphasis is on ball skills and yes the build up is slower but they can be explosive in the final third unlike us who are almost totally reliant on Louis to make something happen for us ?

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    • Colin not sure we'll ever see the flair of those Brazilian teams as teams at all level have emphasized organization over flair. But got to understand there is for a reason for that change. One getting that much talent packed into one squad is not likely ever again, and second, dogged organization (as we saw yesterday, or Barca found out against Chelsea last year) can negate all the talented flair in the world.

      But I do agree with you that at times we have been over reliant on Suarez for that little bit of magic to unlock teams. However I think steps like bringing in the likes of Coutinho is the prescription to bring a more multifaceted attack. Some may have doubted him earlier in the season (including BR) but think putting Downing on the opposite wing and encouraging him to cut in was also an effort to add a poor man (not that he was cheap) flair option. In fact I wonder if that was the point of Borini if we'd ever got a chance to see a real run of games from him, and if some will give him a chance whether we'll see that next season.

      But I also think you have to look at this as a work in progress. Right or wrong we just don't have the funds to buy every player for every position we want, or need in a single transfer window even if every ideal player was available. So far BR has only had two windows to work with, and imo made progress, but what he does in his third will imo decide whether we are a real threat for the top 4. It took a while for both Chelsea and City to build up their squads despite almost unlimited funding, so to expect us to do it in one season is a little ambitious.

    • Colin, if you read my other posts then you will know that I have nothing against the guy. How could I? I know nothing beyond what I've read in the papers. I don't know whether you're being deliberately obtuse, but you have not once addressed my point about a centre back general. One who can organise, scream and b0llock team mates when this situation arises. Who is this person? Where is he? We sure don't have one on the books after Carra leaves. Perhaps you don't see this as being important. I do, even Gerrard is an 'lead by example' player, but for me Carra has been the real captain on the team for the last 10 years or so. Come on fella spill the beans!