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  • Colyn Colyn Apr 4, 2013 18:36 Flag

    You Suck Yahoo

    I can't figure out what they're trying to do with it. As you say the format makes no sense whatsoever, it's incredibly frustrating to use and in no way promotes good discussion and / or debate. I can think of many other forum formats that are a million miles better than this.

    I've no problem in moving away from the last forum but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us something that works. Is that asking too much? This is like driving car in reverse everywhere.

    • Yahoo...please PLEASE whoever is reading this in u offices if any of u are responsible for the implementation of this new and unimproved board format then please can u RESPOND and give us back our old board format or at least give us a new board format that actually functions instead of this broken down old jalopy u have foisted on us all....this can hardly be the kind of word of mouth publicity u company seeks ?

    • And there I was thinking Yahoo's CEO making all her employees work in the office was an attempt to improve their services, while maybe as an act of revenge they are just making online services like this harder to use so the rest of us don't enjoy bunking off work to post on message boards while at the office!